How is it done?

Nordic Walking can be adapted to take participants through a range of levels depending on their health, fitness level and any specific goals they may have. 1. Health improvement A gentle range of movement that encourages general mobility. 2. Fitness development A slightly more vigorous movement that takes the participant into a full body workout and facilitates increased calorie burn. 3. Sports specific Highly effective method of cross training for any sportsman/woman that involves bounding, jumps and Nordic running Each level has a specific range of movements that need to be learned and practiced NWUK Instructors are fully trained to help participants learn good technique and can identify faults early in order to avoid potential problems. The correct poles are also an integral part of the technique only those with the correct hand strap will enable the full movement. It is really important to learn good technique that is tailored to the requirement of the individual - poor technique and wrong sized poles can result in discomfort and injury. Nordic Walking UK does not advocate trying to learn from CDs or books as it is not possible to ascertain whether you are engaging the correct muscles without evaluation from a trained expert.
NORDIC WALKING IN THE FORESTS in Partnership with Forestry England
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