Activity Promotion

The perfect exercise!

Nordic Walking UK are committed to helping people to enjoy being active outdoors. We support a number of community programmes across the UK and have developed a complete Community Programme package for those looking to set up a sustainable, affordable solution. We have strapped and non strapped (Activators) pole options in order to match your aims and the ability of your potential cohort. 

Our proven systems of training and delivery ensure client engagement, retention and results. Projects can utilise marketing and reporting solutions and train their own leaders and the concept recently won the FITNESS INDUSTRY FLAME award for the best OUTDOOR exercise programme.

We have worked with over 200 PCTs, Local Authorities and Community wellness projects and are delighted to see successful Nordic Walking programmes taking place all over the UK

Nordic and Activator pole walking is proven to be suitable for: • GP Referral schemes • Cardiac Rehabilitation programmes • Health Promotion • Sports/Activity development

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