Marketing Support

The key to success

For any project to succeed, the right messages have to be sent out to those you are trying to attract. Our Programmes team have prepared some fantastic material that really gets the word out there and helps you promote Nordic Walking. Our on line marketing tool kit contains a mixture of Banners, Press Releases, Posters, Flyers and other innovative materials that are attractive, informative and proven to get a good response. All material can be branded with your project logo and contact details and images can be selected to make it relevant to the age and fitness level of those you hope to attract. We also provide different options for promotion of your scheme on this web site If your project covers multi sites/locations are there are a range of sessions available, you may wish to consider a full page listing or even one of our 5 page mini sites that you can use as a local promotion tool (with a separate web address) and as a way to appear at the top of listings in your particular area. Some projects are now even using our on line booking diary as this helps leaders know who they are likely to expect on EVERY walk. Our team are happy to discuss your needs and to help you to ensure that Nordic Walking works for you!
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