Pole packs and carry bags

We can help you to work within your budget to provide poles for your project. We have carefully considered all the Health and Safety considerations and do recommend different poles according to the fitness level, health issues and aim of each walker. Participants with joint, mobility or balance problems will need to place a considerable amount of body weight on the poles and it is important that they are suitable quality and strength. Other considerations are wher the pole is planted and the type of grip recommended for certain medical conditions - our team can help advise on all these issues. We have a range of pole packs available according to the estimated number of participants the packs come in convenient carry bags for ease of use and so they can be transported to a variety of locations. We aim to ensure these are as cost effective as possible. We also recommend that participants purchase their own poles once they have become competent Nordic Walkers this ensures they have the correct size and can walk outside of the group sessions as they progress. It also allows you to continue to attract new participants with your pack of poles. We can help you incentivise participants to buy poles with our discounted range for delivery partner projects and if income generation is key we can provide a commission scheme.
NORDIC WALKING IN THE FORESTS in Partnership with Forestry England
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