Frequently asked questions

What if I do not pass the Instructor training course?

In the event of any element of the assessment not being completed successfully, candidates will be given clear feedback on the areas which require further development. Candidates will be asked to submit for re-assessment the element not completed successfully (candidates will not be required to be re-assessed for any element completed successfully). The format of re-assessment will depend upon the element to be re-assessed but may be through personal presentation at a later date, submission of video evidence or re-submission of any written assessment. The fee for any re-assessment is £35 + VAT with any other costs incurred, such as travel to be re-assessed, the responsibility of the candidate. Nordic Walking UK will agree with the candidate the preferred method of re-assessment and will seek to ensure additional costs are kept to a minimum. A minimum of two weeks is required between any re-assessment procedures.

If a candidate remains dissatisfied with any decision, any appeal in the first instance will be made to Nordic Walking UK. If a candidate on the Nordic Walking UK Instructor Level 2 course still remains dissatisfied, the candidate will be advised to contact REPs or Skills Active. Nordic Walking UK will strive to work with REPs / Skills Active to resolve any issue with a candidate and agrees to abide by the Code of Ethical Practice.

How do you differ from British Nordic Walking?

Nordic Walking UK is the original brand which, when it was the UK representatives of INWA introduced Nordic Walking into the UK in 2004. By 2008,we had 5 INWA coaches across the Uk who were trained and developed by NWUK.

At this time it also became apparent that INWA had no jurisdiction in the UK and that it would be necessary to align any Instructor training to UK qualification standards - Ofqual.

Two of the former INWA coaches set up British Nordic Walking when we decided to raise our standards to comply with the Government qualification framework. They continue to teach the INWA method.

Nordic Walking UK have trained over 2,500 Instructors including many of the INWA Instructors who appear on the British Nordic Walking website. We have notified any trained prior to the introduction of our new standards that they are now required to have a full level 2 fitness qualification in order to be represented by us.

Am I too old to be an Instructor?

Nordic Walking is for everybody – if you believe in being active and can motivate others – give us a call whatever your age!

What Clothing and Footwear would I need?

You need flexible soled trainers or walking shoes - ideally waterproof but this is not essential.
Clothing needs to be suitable for the Weather and its always a good idea to bring extra layers and a bottle of water to any lesson or Instructor training course.

Can I Nordic Walk with Trekking poles?

NO Trekking poles will not have the correct handstraps to allow you to push backwards and gain forward propulsion. They are designed for a much more upright plant.
When used on harder ground they will also not have an angled rubber paw.

Do you provide insurance for your instructors?

NWUK has an exclusive Nordic Walking inurance policy for Instructors qualified in our academy
It is very comprehensive - up to 5 million and specifically addresses the needs of the Outdoor Instructor and leader. Several local Authority projects use our insurance for all of their Instructors and Leaders

Nordic walking sticks or poles?

Call them whatever you like! - we call them poles but in general its probably about 50/50 between poles and sticks.

As long as you are Nordic walking and getting the benefits, what does it matter?

Why should I use your programmes?

Those that qualify with us are all capable of setting up their own teaching plans and methods of delivering Nordic Walking and have the choice of doing just that.

However those that would like to spend less time designing brochures, lesson plans, record cards, press releases etc prefer to attend a further one days training with us to learn how to set up a full programme

We have the benefit of experience and we know what works with the public

You would get access to the tool kit, an editable webpage, commission on pole sales, training for an assistant and access to all the other programmes.

Why do I have to pay a monthly fee for the support packages?

The Packages are entirely optional

We have packaged up all the tools that you need to set up a lucrative programme (or project) and priced it at a cost that can be covered by teaching ONE new client a month on the ‘Learn to programme’ – artwork charges for one brochure alone would come to more than that! You also get:-

a. ENHANCED listing on our website
b. We also refer any local contracts and commissions from PCTs etc to the nearest Instructor who delivers our programmes – one major leisure provider with 60 centres has specifically asked for local Instructors who can deliver a standardised programme for example)
c. We send clients to you via our National promotions (Marks and Spencers was only for those on programmes and we will be doing a lot more of this in the future)

Can I attend the weight loss and Ski fit modules without being on the monthly support packages?

Unfortunately not as the NWUK programmes all form part of an on going ‘customer journey’ – the ‘Learn to’ course starts to educate the client into terminology and forms of progression which are consistently used throughout the other programmes.

All of the programmes also come with associated tools, lesson plans and marketing which is all part of the licence agreement.

For example the weight loss programme comes complete with client info packs and the Ski fit programme comes with flyers, lesson cards and press releases. All these are on the markting tool kit and can me edited to suit your needs.

Can I issue my own FREEDOM cards if I do not want to join the support programmes?

Any Instructor could devise a card that signifies that somebody has learned to Nordic Walk with them but the NWUK FRREDOM card is part of a National Standard that is being used by a lot of significant projects and will hopefully play a major part in exercise & activity referral in the future.

The card is recognised by several Instructors and groups across the UK and so offers benefits to the clients like access to walks in other areas.

In addition to this the card holder benefits form a number of offers - a voucher for £5 discount in our webstore plus FREE safety 24 registration.