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Nordic Walking Instructor courses in the UK were originally developed in conjunction with INWA (International Nordic Walking Association) as we were their representatives from approx. 2004 - 2008. However, in 2008, following an appraisal of the standards required to comply with UK and European Fitness Industry guidelines and Health and Safety legislation, we decided that the INWA course was no longer of a sufficient standard for our Instructors as it is not externally assessed and does not include basic level 2 fitness QUALIFICATIONS. As Nordic Walking is a fantastic way to get people active it often attracts those who are not typical "exercisers" and in need of suprvision and support. We feel it is essential that those introducing them to an increased range of movement and cardiovascular activity are equipped with the basic knowledge required to do this safely. We have devised an INTERNATIONALLY recognised fully accredited (CYQ) course that includes basic Exercise and Fitness knowledge and allows those looking to develop walking programmes to competently deliver to those who require additional knowledge and support. Our Education team comprises of Sports and Nutrition scientists, Personal Trainers, Health Promotion specialists, Mountain leaders and a Sports therapist. Our Instructor courses include: - NWUK Community Instructor 1 days - NWUK Nordic and Fitness walking Instructor 2 day Coming soon:- - Nordic Walking for rehabilitation and GP referral schemes For more information about Becoming an Instructor click here For more information about the modules click here
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