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Different types of pole

There are numerous ranges of Nordic walking poles that are perfectly suitable for general Nordic Walking although we do advise you check the technical detail in this section and ensure you do not try to Nordic Walk with either a trekking pole or a pole of the incorrect size. Both could impact on the effectiveness of the technique and with prolonged use could lead to injury. NWUK Instructors generally provide adjustable Nordic walking poles for their clients on courses and workshops. Almost all of our customers also prefer to purchase adjustable poles when they first take up Nordic walking and it is COMPLETELY safe to do so. Manufacturers who only produce one piece Nordic walking poles do try to make claims that they are safer but adjustable poles are used by a far greater percentage of Nordic Walkers worldwide. We have listed below the most popular makes of Nordic walking poles to help you with the selection process. Leki Nordic Walking Poles Leki is a German manufacturer who provide a wide range of Nordic walking poles suitable for the leisure walker through to the keen competitor. Nordic Walking is one of the most popular fitness activities in Germany and Leki produce innovative Nordic walking poles and designs that continue to improve the Nordic Walking experience. We think their new 'shark system' which allows the glove to be easliy clicked on and off the pole is one of the best innovations we have seen for a long time! Their adjustable poles are ideal for the beginner and keen walker as you can adjust them to be the precise height for you and have the flexibility to adjust them further according to the terrain you are walking on and as your technique improves. Exel Poles Exel is a Finnish company - they were the founders of INWA and in the early days contributed a great deal of research into Nordic Walking as an activity - more recently they were taken over by Karhu. They concentrate on fixed length poles with a handstrap that is integral to the pole. Kompardell An Austrian range used widely by Nordic Walkers of all levels. Nordic Walking is so popular in Austria there are magazines aimed solely at Nordic Walking enthusiasts. Swix Nordic Walking Poles One of the original cross country ski pole and clothing manufacturers - Swix make some of the lightest poles available - great for the more serious sports level walker. The handstraps have to be the correct size for you though! We also particularly like their 'switch over' pole end that swings from a spike to a paw without having to remove the rubber end completely. Gabel Nordic Walking Poles This Italian range of poles is designed to suit all levels. They produce a mixture of adjustable and fixed length and we think their straps are the softest and most comfortable. The NWUK On line store holds the most comprehensive stock of poles available and we can get them to you within days! CLICK TO VISIT OUR STORE
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