Shoes and Accessories

Making life comfortable

Although you do not need much equipment to take up Nordic Walking, once you become a regular (and you will!) you will find that a few accessories will make your walks more comfortable and enjoyable.

We advise all Nordic Walkers to carry a mobile phone, ensure you have access to water and to wear comfortable, suitable footwear - some of the items outlined below will help make sure thats easy!

Once you are Nordic Walking regularly or for longer distances it is advised you invest a pair of shoes specifically designed to support and cushion your foot as it rolls from heel to toe.
The action of the foot differs between running and walking and Nordic Walking shoes have a few features that recognise this. Generally they have superior heel cushioning, more stability for the middle of the foot and flexibility in the toe area to allow you to 'push' off with the foot. Some even have lace pockets to avoid your laces catching on your poles!

The shoe pictured is an Asics Gel Nordic Shoe - contact a retailer who knows about Nordic Walking for more advice and correct fitting.

Apart from a mobile phone and water, it is also wise to carry a few basic if you are planning to be out in the elements for any time. An extra layer of clothing, energy bar, music player and perhaps sunscreen can all be welcome at some point.
Try to ensure your backpack is shaped to avoid hindering the upper arms and has a waist strap to keep it from bouncing too much.

Great for ensuring you have that all important drink to hand - these generally have pockets for keys and phones too. Select one that is designed so you can reach the bottle easily whilst on the move.

Nordic Walking gloves have padding on the outside for extra comfort and special fabric that aids grip and is breathable on the palms. Some also have a 'moisture management system' to stop hands from becoming too sweaty.