Find out the best matching pole for you.

It's really important to get the right size.

To make sure you really work each area of the body fully, it is important that the poles used are exactly the right size. They must feel like an extension of the arm and be the right length to propel you along and allow a full and correct technique.

All NWUK Instructors are qualified to help you ensure you have the correct poles and will supply poles for you to try out.

There is a simple calculation that is used in order to calculate the correct sized pole to try out at first - the basic formula is to use your height in centimetres multiplied by 0.68. Poles come in sizes of 5cm intervals so the ideal calculated length is always rounded off to the nearest 5cm. To help you we have put a chart below to process the calculation for you.

Another simple rule of thumb is to check that your elbow is at a 90 degree angle when you are holding the grip of the pole with the tip on the ground. There are other factors to be considered and this is where it is best to consult an instructor - fitness, joint mobility, limb proportion, walking speed and want you hope to achieve by Nordic Walking are all important too.

Your height: cm
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