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There are two main rules that apply to weight loss that make Nordic Walking a particularly effective way to tackle it. 1. The more active you are, the more calories you will burn so as long as you are careful not to put in more than you burn (by watching what you eat) you will gradually start to lose weight. Ordinary walking is a great way to start being more active but to keep improving you will need to walk for longer or to go faster – that’s where Nordic Walking comes in. By using the poles you use more muscles which significantly increases the amount of calories burned without making you feel you are pushing yourself too hard. The poles actually help to propel you along so you could be working as hard as if you were jogging but will feel comfortable, not too breathless and there will be no strain on the knees and joints that can sometimes occur with more vigorous exercise. 2. As you get older, the amount of lean tissue (muscles) you have in the body decreases unless you remain particularly active – it is these muscles that are efficient at burning calories so it important to keep them working at a level that will ensure they do not continue to decrease. Nordic Walking uses most of the major muscles in the body and therefore helps to keep them in good condition. This gives you the added benefit of improved posture and a more toned physique too! As with any physical activity it is important to remember that the best results will be gained if you are careful about the foods you eat and try to ensure that you consume fewer calories than you are burning up each day. Nordic Walking UK recommend a programme that combines Nordic Walking with some resistance exercises and a sensible healthy eating plan as a sustainable way to lose weight and keep it off. Many of our Instructors are nutrition trained and a deliver our a great WEIGHT LOSS programme. See below for Sonya's story to see how even those who have struggled to lose weight for years can transform their lives with fun activity and a sensible approach to eating. SONYA BRENNAN Sonya was over 15 stone and too scared to leave her house when her local practice nurse told her that she morbidly obese and should be a size 8 (as she is only just over 5 feet tall) It was only when her Brother described her as 'frumpy' that she took up walking with him in a bid to get her life back on track. They soon progressed to Nordic Walking via a NWUK community project run by Lewisham NHS healthcare Trust. This fantastic project has grown steadily over the years and now has a number of instructors and 12 leaders. Sonya soon became hooked on the Nordic walking and realised that it was better than simply walking because it helped to take the weight off her feet but also burned more calories with every step. The weight soon began to fall off and to date she has lost over 5 stone. Her confidence grew as her waist line shrank and she was delighted when she was asked to become a walk leader. "Helping others was the key for me" she says " I knew just how desperate people can feel and that the hardest thing is to take those first steps so I wanted to share my positive story and support people to get active and healthy" Now the slimline Sonya has a totally different attitude to exercise and rather than being house bound, she is rarely at home as she has now discovered that she loves the gym too! In fact she is now a fully qualified level 2 fitness & Nordic walking instructor and teaches Nordic walking herself! Sonya worked hard to become a NWUK Instructor, studying the anatomy,physiology & principles of fitness on line and working through her practical technique and teaching elements on the two day course. A one hour exam and practical assessment day followed next but nothing phased Sonya and she passed with flying colours. One thing we know for sure is that she will make a fantastic Instructor and will inspire others too!
I changed from an agoraphobic 15 stone non exerciser to a fully qualified Nordic walking UK Instructor. I honestly believe that Nordic walking is the best exercise for those struggling due to lack of fitness and excess weight and I am living proof that joining a NWUK group is the best way to get started. It's such fun and results are quick to show so you never feel like missing a session and are soon totally hooked.
Sonya Brennan
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