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A Fantastic workout!

Most of us know we should be a bit more active but sadly it is often when the waistline expands or ill health strikes that we really start to think about our bodies and the condition they are in! Our advice is – Don’t wait until things start going wrong – take POSITIVE action and get your body moving today! Being a bit more active with Nordic Walking will provide the following benefits very quickly: • Keep your weight in check • Increase mobility • Give you more energy • Make you sleep better • Help you cope with stress • Prevent serious illness such as Heart problems, Diabetes, Osteoarthritis and even some Cancers It is easy to understand why traditional exercise tends to put people off, it can take time to drive to a facility, park the car and get changed and some ‘sports’ are not easy to take up as a beginner. Nordic Walking is easy to learn, can be done anywhere and gets you out in the open air – it’s a great way to build up your fitness levels. Note: Nordic Walking is NOT just for beginners, the elderly or unfit – it can be done at any level and is a fantastic, motivating workout for the fitness enthusiast too!
If you currently work out a lot and think Nordic Walking is too tame for you - think again!
We have all been keen exercisers for years and pretty much tried everything. Nothing comes close to this for getting real results, fitting into a busy life and enjoying your workout - Give it a try!
The team at NWUK
“ I had to phone you because the young lady who sold me the poles told me that I would be hooked and would never look back! – only a month later I am totally amazed at the difference in my body shape and I have just got in from a stunning walk and felt I had to let her know she was right!

While I was out on the walk, a Man came up to me and said that I had inspired him to exercise because I had so much ‘bounce’ in my step and he had seen me getting fitter day by day!

I have been walking the Dog for 8 years but since using the poles I have lost two inches off my waist and my bingo wings are no more! It really has made a noticeable difference to how I look and feel. I would ( and do ) recommend it to anyone!

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