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Nordic walking uses more major muscles than running, cycling or swimming – all of which are used by athletes as cross training. Nordic walking can take your sporting performance to a whole new level. Whether training for an ultra-endurance event or a sport that requires repeated bursts of upper and lower body effort using Nordic Walking in your training offers time-effective and intense training methods to ensure you get ultimate results. Nordic Walking UK have developed the 'ULTIMATE NORDIC BOOTCAMP ' Sports Conditioning Circuit that can be adapted to concentrate on the specific elements required in any sport – it contains practical sports specific drills and circuits and covers the science behind different training elements Power and Endurance Muscle Endurance Speed Endurance If you would like to experience how Nordic Walking could enhance your training ask your local Instructor for the ‘ULTIMATE NORDIC BOOTCAMP’ programme. If you are a coach for any sport – contact us to see how we could help you add this dimension to your programmes.
I found Nordic Walking useful as cross training when preparing for the Giant Mountain Mayhem 24h Mountain Bike Race - It's a great way to build on the endurance elements of training and can be done almost anywhere - perfect for fitting in to a busy schedule and getting a bit of upper work in!

Kieron from Hertfordshire
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