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The mood boosting effect of exercise has long been recognised and physical activity has been used to help those with depression and anxiety for many years. More recently studies have shown that ‘Green Exercise’ which is getting active whilst being exposed to or connecting with nature, has an even more powerful effect. We all recognise that being in touch with nature makes us feel more relaxed and ‘alive’ whilst being active helps us focus the mind and combat stress so it’s no surprise that it is now being used as a viable treatment for those with mental distress. Studies for MIND have linked Nature and Exercise as a mood lifting combination and green exercise schemes are being piloted around the Country. Nordic Walking is the perfect activity both for these projects and for those that prefer to enjoy the solitude of a peaceful walk in the open air. THE EFFECT OF OUTDOOR EXERCISE ON MOOD - RESEARCH There have been a number of recent studies that prove that outdoor or 'green' exercise has a pronounced effect on the mood and health of an individual. The three major benefits found were: 1. Being outdoors generally leads to increasing activity levels 2. The connection with nature is proven to have a positive effect on mood and to reduce stress levels. 3. Taking part in outdoor activiites increases the opportunity for social interaction - those with increased levels of of social interaction tend to be in better health than those who have very little. see Natural England - green Exercise for more info.
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