Welcome to our blog!

At Nordic Walking UK, We’ve got so much content we’d like to share so thought we’d set up a blog to showcase all this information.

From Nordic Walking Tips and Tricks, to the latest routes and gear reviews. It’ll all be here.

Whilst we get started on uploading the content, we’d love to hear from you about what content would really be beneficial to you on here, so please leave a comment below!

Thanks, The Nordic Walking UK team

2 thoughts on “Welcome to our blog!

  1. I would find it really interesting to hear how instructors respond to walkers who are not necessarily GP referred but have every day physical ‘niggles’ with their body/posture.

    • Hi Susie

      Most Instructors use a common sense approach and work around the ‘niggle’ – The NWUK Wellbeing course is designed to help Instructors gain the skills to do this. We will ask on Facebook for Instructors advice.