The Smartest tip in Town

Exciting news – the brand new 2012 Leki poles have arrived and feature a very clever new Paw system called the ‘Smart Tip’.  No longer the need to take your paws on and off you poles on different terrains, or losing them to the nearest drain or muddy patch, they simply click up to reveal the carbide tip, or down for the paw.


Spare pads will be available for purchase if and when required but we are really impressed with this simple and easy to use system.

The Smart Tip is available on the following 2012 Leki Models:

Smart Titanium – £79.95

Fixed length 100% HTC aluminium pole – 100cm, 105cm, 110cm, 115cm, 120cm, 125cm, 130cm




Smart Traveller Alu – £89.00

Telescopic 100% HTC Aluminium pole adjustable from 90cm-130cm.




Smart Traveller Carbon – £115

Telescopic 100% Carbon pole

Adjustable from 90cm-130cm




Smart Carbon – £99.95

Fixed Length 100% Carbon pole – 100cm, 105cm, 110cm, 115cm, 120cm, 125cm, 130cm




There is also replacement paws available when yours wear out.  Although new, the feedback so far from our instructors and customers have been great.  The Smart Tips seem to work in most terrains with the exception of soft sand, which can clog the mechanism.  However this can be easily rectified by rinsing the tips with water, or cleaning the mechanism regularly.

10 thoughts on “The Smartest tip in Town

  1. Sorry I should have said adjustable carbon (non traveller) rather than the fixed length.

  2. Can the smart tips be taken off completely? I want to know if the ‘Smart Traveller’ could be converted into ‘Traveller’. I was checking the prices and ‘Traveller’ seems more expensive than ‘Smart Traveller’ for some reason. Why is that? Cheers!

    • Hi Ewa,

      The Traveller Carbon with the Smart Tip has an Aluminium top section – hence the price difference. Although you cannot take the whole mechanism off, you can deconstruct the Smart Tip and place a standard paw on the carbite tip underneath if required. However, the Standard Traveller Carbon comes with the Silent Spike paws which normally retail at £17.95 and the top section is carbon, so actually you get a much higher spec pole for only £5 more than the version with the Smart Tip.

  3. Having fairly recently bought a pair of platinum carbon poles with the Smart tips here are my impressions.
    *Starting at the top, the grips and straps are the Leki shark system as used on their other poles, these are comfortable and work well.
    *the 100% carbon fibre poles are excellent and really nice to use!
    *However, the Smart tips I find to be quite limited. They wear very quickly and clog and stick very easily. The lever to secure the pads in place, either in an up or down position, can only be engaged if the paws are allowed to run freely on the tip i.e. there is no grit either in the paw or on the tip. They often need considerable force to move them and in this respect are far more frustrating than just pulling off or putting on the standard paws.
    * is it possible to replace the system with the standard basket and paw?

    • Hi Graham

      Thanks for the feedback – we have passed it to our contacts at Leki who we beleive are constantly working to make improvements and we have asked about whether its possible to change


      Nordic Walking UK