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You may have already seen the TV ads that signal the start of the latest Government campaign aimed at getting people to live more healthily.With the most exciting summer of sport fast-approaching, Change4Life is calling upon the nation to get inspired and get active with the launch of Games4Life.

The campaign will see millions of families across England receiving personalised activity plans, full of tips and ideas on getting up, about and having fun through the summer of 2012 and beyond. The activity plans are packed with useful information and are sent out to all those who complete a simple questionaire which is available in shops and community centres around the UK

You can also find the
questionnaire on the Change4Life website here.

As part of this campaign NWUK Instructors across the UK will be offering FREE TASTER sessions to people who feel they need to up their activity levels and want to try something new.

So, if you have not yet taken the plunge and joined your local group, this could be your chance.All you need to do is visit the FIND A CLASS area on our website, add your postcode and click the box to find a participating Instructor in your area



8 thoughts on “FREE TASTERS as part of GAMES4LIFE

  1. This offer would be good if you could find an instructor offering these “free taster sessions”. Your link above just navigates to the standard search pages on Nordic walking that appear to have nothing to do for the offer. What are we supposed to do – assume ALL are offering the free sessions or trawl through the list?

    • Hi Sara

      If you add your postcode and click the button to sort out those taking part in promotions you will see the Instructors nearest to you who are able to help. To be honest most of them are taking part – cheers NWUK

  2. I keyed in postcode and it came up with instructors in my area. I have to e-mail or call each individual instructor and ask them if they offer free tasters. Too much hassle, annoying website and I lost interest.

    • Hi karen

      Thats a shame – if you tick the promotions box it will only show the ones who have signed up to the campaign – that should make things easier for you – we have 2,000 plus Instructors so its the simplest way for them to indicate if they are joining in with any campaigns we offer.

  3. I live in Wallsend. Who is running a local group near me? Its my first ever enquiry about nordicc walking so I am a beginner.

    thanks karen

  4. Totally agree with the comments above. Four instructors in my area, three have web sites. No mention of free taster on any of them. A set time and place would be ideal. Back and forth negotiations by e-mail are a pain and tend to lead nowhere

    • Hi Pat – We really can’t offer a set date and time as our 2,000 Instructors are all independent and some run FULL programmes, some are council based whilst others are physios and only offer rehab. All we can do is make sure that IF THEY TICK THE PROMOTION BOX – they are happy to take part. So if you tick the promotion box you will only see the ones who are able to offer the FREE Taster. Hope that helps

  5. I meant each individual instructor could set a time and date. Some people would not be able to make it but I imagine a lot would try. I can’t imagine the three of us who have posted here are the only ones who don’t want to fiddle around “running down” a date.