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Search for classes or an instructor near you on On completion of a Nordic Walking UK Learn to Nordic Walk course with a Nordic Walking UK instructor you will be awarded with a Freedom Passport with a unique Freedom code.

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Nordic Walking UK Instructor training – what does it entail?

Its mid February and NWUK are hosting an intensive 5 day Nordic Walking Instructor course near their HQ in Dorset. The setting is the stunning Studland Beach and it looks like the weather is set to warm up too.

We are often asked questions about the content of our training courses and how fit or experienced you need to be to attend so we thought we would shadow the course, chat to participants and give you a feel for what goes on……

It’s DAY ONE and as this is a business Induction day the HQ Team are there to welcome the new recruits who will begin their journey as Instructors by exploring what type of model will work for them as part of the wider NWUK Team. Its a small group of 5 people who have completed the NWUK selection process and already started some one line learning.

Innes Kerr NWUK Business Development Director explains ” Great Instructors come from a variety of backgrounds so we like to harness their qualities and skills whilst providing support in areas they may not be so competent in. For instance we may have somebody who is confident in front of a group but terrible at admin, planning and social media or indeed the reverse. The reason our training is so comprehensive is that we know from experience that people need a range of skills in order to succeed and if we only taught them how to teach technique they are highly likely to not make a go of their new venture. We are also conscious that we want the RIGHT people to represent our brand so we have quite a robust selection process which also respects that their goals may vary from somebody who wants a full time business to a retiree or Mum who wants to be part of the team but with less commitment. Our support process ensures we can support these amazing folk and provide the tools they need to change other peoples lives. The Induction day is where we work with them to so we can jointly create a plan for them going forward” 

The day is a mix of workshops and presentations that explore everything from marketing and social media to how it all works at Team NWUK and the tools which are provided as part of the training package. These include a comprehensive client management/booking/payment/system, a marketing tool kit, websites and of course the passports and associated discounts for people they teach in the future. As  one of the new recruits on this course commented ” I had totally underestimated what needs to be in place in order to build, plan and promote a NW programme and how to keep clients once you have trained them – now its all beginning to make sense and I am blown away by how the HQ team are here to work with us on this”

DAY TWO is much more what would expect to see on a course for outdoor exercise Instructors. Denise Page the NWUK Tutor welcomes the group and its much more practical training today. Kit on, the group head out and begin to learn NW techniques and more importantly how to break down each element and match it to the goals and ability of each and every potential client.

Today we are covering what NWUK calls ‘Gears One and Two’ of the NW technique and the range of movement required to actually get the benefits from NW poles. Of course the group also need to practice how to warm up and cool down the body prior to taking people into an exercise state and also how to make sure that each individual is working at a safe intensity. To help with this, they will have already completed some on line learning prior to their practical training that covers how the body works and how to measure exercise intensity in order to progress people gradually.

Although there is a lot more physical work today, Denise makes sure the energetic elements are mixed with vital indoor theory such as risk assessments, route planning and incident handling. One thing the Team at NWUK are keen to ensure is that it’s not necessary to be super fit to attend their training, the focus is much more on having the right passion and people skills. The Diploma manual is really comprehensive and provides a great revision resource alongside the on line learning dashboard that all code compliant NWUK Diploma graduates have access to.

DAY THREE and its an early start as we meet in a car park about 3 miles from the Training room because we are joining Lucie and Instructor from HQ to shadow her on an early morning walk with her group. We are lucky to be heading out to the amazing Houns Tout with cliff top views of the Jurassic Coast and out to Portland.

We learn from watching Lucie do the warm up and manage the mixed abilities in the group plus we get to chat to them about what they enjoy. Denise also builds in some practical questions in order to get us to think about planning/risk assessing this route.  Its also great to meet one of the local Walk Leaders, Angela to experience the role Leaders play and why she loves being part of the Team. A great start to an action packed day that sees us return to Studland for more practice on mobilisation, technique, gears 3 and 4 and teaching practice before we break for lunch and head off to nearby NWUK HQ to meet the support and retails teams and learn all about poles and equipment.

There’s a surprising amount of things to cover and we are lucky that MD Mike is on hand to help us understand the pole composition and how to provide sound advice for our clients once we qualify. Its great to see the Warehouse and first hand how the FREEDOM passports and associated free NWUK membership scheme provide postage free (via shop n drop) and discounted poles to help people get started. We finish the day with more theory before catching up for Supper in Swanage where some of the HQ join us for a relaxed evening.

DAY FOUR also starts with a walk with the local group although this time we join Instructor Sally (a former nurse) who runs the wellbeing and gentle walks. We head off through the woods to a stunning spot in the sand dunes where Sally takes us through some breathing exercises and balance drills. We then leave the group to continue their walk and we practice teaching technique to each other and prepare for our assessments. It’s great to join actual walks and see just how adaptable Nordic Walking is and how skilled the Intructors’ are at helping people achieve their goals. The Wellbeing module forms part of the Advanced Diploma and this session has helped the new Instructors see why its worth considering adding those skills in the future. We also get to try out strapless Activator poles which are used extensively in NWUK wellbeing and rehabilitation sessions.

The rest of the day is spent learning about developing a professional timetable, how to handle enquiries, understand client motivation, host Taster sessions and teach a 4 session tuition course that matches their goals. We also explore how to build walks on the management portal, how to price sessions and provide progression for clients before heading out side for our final practice on stretching and cool downs.

DAY FIVE a now pretty tired group are preparing for the inevitable assessment and evaluation but they have had plenty of practice and support each other through the group teaching drills and cool down assessments. The great thing about the diploma training is that assessment is carried out throughout the week so its not too onerous on day 5 and there are no longer any written exams because a lot of content is now on line. Denise gives them the good news that  they have all passed today, so the mood lightens as you can see!

There is now just a further module on how to identify and correct common technique faults and a chance to try out some muscle strength and conditioning drills. This energetic session sees the fitter amongst the group running, jumping and bounding with poles whilst they all experience how poles can be used for a range of resistance exercises too. The latter is a taste of another Advanced Diploma module but it helps new Instructors to have a go at this stage so they can understand how to build their skills and add to the sessions longer term. An exhausting day finishes with a final checklist from Denise and Innes that runs through all the things they need to get in place in order to get started and the chance to chat to the business Team about the support they would like to have (social media, IT, Marketing etc) Innes will help them to work out exactly what they need and the HQ support Team will be in touch next week to start building web profiles, Facebook pages and conduct one to one training on the Management portal. Its good to know that there are lots of revision videos on all aspects of the course and processes and an ongoing support structure of webinars and one to one calls for the Delivery Partners. “At NWUK you are never alone” says Denise “the HQ Guys, Other Instructors, your Walk leaders and even your walkers themselves become like one big Family and its so rewarding” she adds.

As the new recruits head for home we ask a few of them for their feedback and here’s what they said…………………………

“A Brilliant insight into the world and community of Nordic Walking and I am proud to be a part of it!”

“A really positive experience , great delivery style and venue”

“The Tutor Denise was awesome and the way she lead the course was ‘special’ ”

If you think you would like to join the NWUK Instructor Team why not come to one of our Discovery Days – you will meet the HQ Team and have the chance to talk through whats expected of you, the training you will need and the cost of getting started. There will Instructors on hand to share their stories and there is NO obligation or charge for the session as we like to make sure our new recruits have all the facts and are the right people. Call 0333 1234 540 for more info or see 











2018 – What a year for NWUK!

2018 has been a hectic and amazing one for Team NWUK. It started with a bang when Mercian Nordic walking led by Ian Northcott were filmed for an ITV’s  Britains best walks with Julia Bradbury which was aired on 30th Jan. To add more excitement, a call came into NWUK HQ on Tuesday  23rd Jan asking if Ian and his group would like to join Julia promote the programme on the BBC One show – see Pic

So Ian and his trusty band of walkers did a live purple ‘fly past’of the presenters on prime time TV and caught up with Julia Bradbury too!

Meanwhile NWUK Malaysia were hitting the headlines with their project Pyjama walk where  unicorn onesies were clearly the fashion statement of the day! All great training for the Purbeck festival which they attended en mass too (not in the onesies though!)

There were plenty of challenge events for Nordic Walkers take part in this year from the Grasmere gallop and Cotswold 24 hour race to the Chichester half marathon and of course the Purbeck 16 mile and 27 mile challenges during the festival 








The HQ Team were out and about as ever in 2018 and it was great to see so many of you at Countryfile Live and other events we attended. Our purple dome was also on show at the Keswick Mountain Festival and Grasmere Gallop events – to find out where we will be or more about evnts and meet ups for Nordic walkers visit our EVENTS PAGES 

Even the Home Secretary had a go at Nordic Walking when he met Instructor Elaine Griffiths at a pensioners fair recently – hopefully it provided  a pleasant break from the Brexit talks at least? It is known to be good for stress after all!

This huge purple gathering was to celebrate the 10th anniversary of one of NWUK’s first ever Delivery Partner Instructors – Sam Armstrong from Derbyshire has changed countless lives in those 10 years and it great to see how many people pitched in to make it a party to remember. Proof that NWUK groups are about more than just walking with poles!

We have had a couple of engagements in our groups but this is a FIRST……  two Nordic walkers tying the knot with a guard of honour made up of Nordic walking poles! Congratulations to Andrea and Bill from the Battersea Polers club from everyone at NWUK HQ – we hope you took the poles on honeymoon too?

Autumn saw lots of remembrance and Halloween walks too this year 






We are so looking forward to seeing all the Christmas tinsel walk pictures! We love these images so make sure you send us pictures of your group or pop them onto our Facebook pages

NWUK showcased the amazing Activator poles in the neuro demo zone at the Therapy Expo at the NEC in November . Martin Chrsitie outlined why we think that these strapless poles are perfect for people with neurological conditions like Parkinson’s Disease and how we work with specialist teams to offer simple pole walking solutions for all levels. For more info contact the team on 0333 1234 540

Finally 2018 was a busy year for NWUK Festivals with our third event in Purbeck (Dorset) and a new mini event in the Peak District – both were amazing and tickets are already on sale for the newly named PURPLEBECK 2019 which will be BIGGER, BOLDER and BETTER than ever so nab a ticket before they go up in price! HERE

Shoe review – Grubs stand up to the NW technique test

We are really fussy about shoes at NWUK and our requirements are pretty simple……

Number one priority is COMFORT! We want to be out with our poles at every opportunity on all types of terrains so we need supportive, lightweight shoes with great cushioning.

Second priority is WATERPROOFING WITH BREATHE – ABILITY! Soggy and/or sweaty feet will effect the experience of even the shortest of walks and one thing that we have learned over the years is dry feet = happy walkers!

The third element is very specific but vital for Nordic Walking and that’s a sole that flexible enough to get a great HEEL TO TOE FOOT ROLL. Part of good Nordic walking technique is to hit the ground with the heel of the foot and to engage the whole foot in a rolling action that finishes with a push off from the toes as you propel forward with the pole on the opposite side. The key things a shoe needs to provide in order to facilitate this are good cushioning for the heel strike and great flexibility through the mid foot to the toes.


This month we have been testing GRUBS Discover shoes which have built in ‘RollinGait’ technology and a unique Stabilty cradle which positions the foot deep in the sole. Tested by a panel of key Instructors, our original concerns re the chunky sole were replaced with a ” WOW that really helps to stabilise the foot, is extremely comfy and the shoes really do enable brilliant NW technique!! Tested by 6 Instructors – the shoes have ranked higher than any others we have tested for Nordic Walking.

Here are a few of the reviews ……………………….

Sam Armstrong from Derbyshire trialled a pair of brightly coloured fuchsia and mint shoes and rated them out of 10 – here are her conclusions…………………

Comfort 10 – Laces 10 – Sole and rollingait technology 9

(Took a few hours to get used to the rollingait but once adapted to it I was hooked. Loved the fact that it encourages the lemon squeeze effect and heel strike. It’s not got a 10 because I would like to see a deeper lug. Although saying that they performed well on the Adventure walk and there were slippy conditions under the leaves and sandstone rocks.)

Mid sole 10 (Like wearing slippers outdoors but with enough support) – 

Waterproof –  I’ve now fully tested the shoes in wet, damp and muddy conditions. They were really tested out on an awful muddy peak district walk and I have to say performed brilliantly, absolutely superb.

My feet stayed warm and dry and they didn’t slip or feel insecure at all whilst I supported less able members down a slippy bank. So top marks for the lugs!

Weight 10 – Super light but still feel very much a solid shoe.

Uppers – Hard to score on this one, as I’m not a fan of the colour and neither did it go down to well with my walkers. However, I did mention the fact that it came in grey too. They were all very curious about the shoe and if it had been in grey they wouldn’t have noticed it as much.

In all I like the fabric, the flexibility of the shoe and the control that you feel you have with it. A super snug fit to the foot, very secure with the lacing system. They are also warm and cosy (if that make sense).

Conclusion –  I Love them!


Janine Lewis an Instructor who is based in Reading who trialled the black and yellow version says “These shoes were made for a lot of fun and serious walking! The company name alone, Grubs, lets you know that they are a no nonsense shoe for our wonderful British weather and terrain. 

Over the last 7 days I have played on flint-stoned canal paths, slippery wet grass slopes, wet chalky hills, huge puddles, tarmac paths, woodland trails with hidden roots under slippery leaves. The tough rugged soles with decent grippy rubbery cleats really did keep me up right and dry.

The shoes are wider than I am used to but with their unique lacing system I could tighten them to get a comfortable supportive hug within the shoe. There was a slight crease from pulling them tight but this did not rub on my upper foot. 

The shoes are also a neutral footbed which was more practical for the heel to toe rolling through action of Nordic walking. You walk with a stronger foot placement. I did not need to resort to adding my orthotic soles in and comfortably walked up to 12 miles each day with out foot ache. There was sufficient suppleness through the top of the shoe to flex as I moved through to the upright movement of heel to toe, almost on tip toes. Especially comfortable going up the hills too.

I wore different socks each day from merino thermal socks to athletic thinner running socks. I had no foot movement due to the lacing. I find with some shoes that are wider, I have to wear thicker socks that can often cause friction blisters. Not the case with these.

The shoe was almost similar in style and look of the lower foot bed of a wellie. This made them very waterproof. I have still not managed to get wet feet despite jumping in puddles.

The heel grip was high and snug and didn’t rub. The ankle area was cut low and again, no rubbing. I have long feet with a skinny heel area, so although I was in a broad men’s shoe, size 9, I did not feel like I was walking in oversize heavy shoes. 

The footbed has a solid innersole, which I initially thought would feel hard and harsh on the sole, especially If I was walking on gravel. The rubber sole seems to disperse the piercing effect of the small stones.  

These shoes are good alternative to leather shoes as they are lighter in weight. They are a different style to the trail shoes which are also low profile but often narrower. The shoe style didn’t have excess stitching on top which often deteriorates and splits with the constant upper shoe creasing.

It’s a thumbs up from me for these shoes. Solid, supportive, warm and waterproof. Oh, and in my favourite duck-yellow! 


Ian Northcott from Bromsgrove had a charcoal and black pair to put through their paces and here’s his opinion! 

I have used these shoes for a few days now. Wow (apart from the white sole) they are fantastic. 

Comfort 5/5 – Waterproof 5/5 – Colour 2/5 – NW Friendly 4/5

Indoor Gym friendly 4/5 – Running Friendly 3/5 – Brilliant – I want another pair!!!


Ashley Sandy from Wiltshire said “They are really comfortable and flexible – they are great for NW on the flat with an even surface. I can really squeeze the lemons with them.

They are waterproof and dry which is great at the moment – the colour is not great and the mint colour got dirty really quickly.  On hills they are OK again if the ground is even but as they are a bit wide for me – they were less supportive when walking on rougher ground or uneven surfaces because I could feel my feet moving around especially around the toe box which is pretty wide. However they are so comfy otherwise that I will try them with some insoles”

Finally Lucie Cormack and Gill Stewart from HQ have been testing the shoes on a variety of walks from long and slow to fast paced workout walks and the verdict is that they perform well on both and definitely seem to reduce fatique in the legs and aid faster paced Nordic walking. Lucie says ” They are incredibly lightweight yet robust with a great grip and i jut seem to want to walk faster when I wear them!

So we think that’s a pretty good thumbs up from the Nordic Walking UK experts and are delighted that Grubs are offering a 25% discount off the GRUBS DISCOVER shoes to NWUK Members. Click here to find out more





Discover comfort and adventure with the latest NWUK membership benefit

Have you heard about the new Grubs Discover walking shoe?

Discover shoes feature RollinGaitTM, a sole unit that curves along with the foot to meet maximum movement and impact, it’s a hit among mountain hikers and the adventurous to add more bounce and comfort to their step. We thought this sounds perfect for Nordic walking and some of our instructors have been testing them – read their reviews 

The shoes are smart and stylish in three colourways, (charcoal./black, black/burst or fuchsia/mint) and they are fully waterproof.

Members of Nordic Walking UK can get a generous 25% discount on Discover shoes when they buy online via Grubs. Use the exclusive NWUK members’ discount code when you checkout. To find the code, just log in to your membership account on with your email and password and select ‘My Membership Benefits’ after logging in.

Not a member? You can sign up at Click ‘Join’. If you have a Nordic Walking UK Freedom Passport you can get the first year’s membership Free (subject to £2.50 p&p). Enter the Freedom code from your Passport in the discount box at Membership Step 1.

Don’t have a Freedom Passport? Search for classes or an instructor near you on On completion of a Nordic Walking UK Learn to Nordic Walk course with a Nordic Walking UK instructor you will be awarded with a Freedom Passport with a unique Freedom code.

Call 0333 1234540 for more details or go to

Hints and Tips

This month’s tip is on nutrition. How do you fuel yourself before, during and after a walk?
It is best to eat at least 1 hour before a walk and keep it something light and easily digestible on the stomach. Something like oats with dried fruit and nuts, wholegrain toast and peanut butter or scrambled egg. These are high energy foods with slow release carbs and protein to help balance energy levels throughout the walk. If you are walking for an hour you probably won’t need to eat during the walk but anything longer than an hour and half you may want to snack on something like trail mix. This is easy to make yourself and consists of nuts, seeds and dried fruit which you can snack on handfuls regularly to keep your energy levels topped up.
Longer challenge walks or runs require a bit more planning on what you decide to eat. You will need to trial out different foods as you may find that you can’t stomach certain foods during the walk or run and the last thing you want on challenge day is an upset stomach!
Always make sure you are well hydrated before during and after any walk. Fatigue can be a sign of dehydration.
Gill from HQ remembers something as simple as marmite sandwiches at a feed station were a godsend when she was running her long distance events many years ago and at the Purbeck festival recently one of the leaders used squeezy sachets of baby food!
For post walk nutrition (apart from cake and coffee at the nearest café) you should consider topping up your hydration levels with water. A fruit smoothie with natural yoghurt and a spoonful of nut butter is a good way to replenish the glycogen in the muscles after a strenuous workout.

We are now working with a company called Mountain Fuel (founded by Rupert Bonnington – son of Chris) they have devised a balanced sports nutrition system designed to provide the body with the nutrition and energy to cope with any type of physical activity. Also ideal to keep in your backpack on a long walk.
The Mountain Fuel system provides sustained energy and recovery whilst also providing the vitamins, amino acids and minerals your body needs to perform at its best, taking the guesswork out of your fuelling needs.
Check out the range at NWUK Store and take advantage of your Members Discount.

Come to Corsica with the Dorset Nordic walking Team

If you enjoy Nordic Walking in lovely Dorset, why not join us to explore the Coast, Mountains and Villages of Corsica next May (12th – 19th)?

Join Gill from NWUK HQ plus Swanage based Instructor Sally and other Dorset Nordic walkers on a trip organised by EXODUS TRAVELS in conjunction with Nordic Walking UK. We have a few places left and would welcome individuals, couples, groups of friends etc. The walks are typically about 7 miles a day with one longer walk and a rest day. We aim to blend Nordic Walking with a lot of fun and we will be taking time to enjoy the scenery as we do in Dorset

Flights and Accommodation are included and if we get enough folk from Dorset, we aim to travel to the airport together if possible to save costs too.  Call 0333 1234 540 if you want to chat to us about it or want an info sheet but hurry as booking closes soon!


  • 7 nights in a family-run hotel with en suite facilities
  • 5 days centre-based walking; 1 free day
  • Well-marked trails, often rocky and uneven
  • Altitude maximum 1650m, average 800m
  • All breakfasts, 5 lunches, 6 dinners
  • All accommodation (see accommodation section)
  • All transport and listed activities
  • Tour leader throughout
  • For more info about the trips (note our date will not so on the Exodus website as its a private trip)  – click HERE 


Join us on our bespoke Nordic Walking holidays

At NWUK we know what a Nordic Walker wants from a holiday and that’s why we have worked with travel experts EXODUS to select two perfect trips where exploring with poles is at the heart of the experience.

Exceptional scenery, qualified Leaders from our HQ Team plus the chance to meet up with other Nordic walkers from across the UK plus great accommodation and flights all included.

So, whether you are a lone traveller, couple or group of Nordic walkers – come and join us on our bespoke NWUK Trips.

Join us in 2019 and visit either Corsica or Chamonix Mont Blanc to enjoy a fun filled relaxed holiday with your poles!

The dates for our first two trips are:-

12th – 19th May 2018

28th Sept – October 5th 2018

To book or for more information – contact us on: 0333 1234 540 or email 

Both trips will be exclusively for NWUK and both will include plenty of moderate walks  – check out what’s included


  • 7 nights in a family-run hotel with en suite facilities
  • 5 days centre-based walking; 1 free day
  • Well-marked trails, often rocky and uneven
  • Altitude maximum 1650m, average 800m
  • All breakfasts, 5 lunches, 6 dinners
  • All accommodation (see accommodation section)
  • All transport and listed activities
  • Tour leader throughout
  • For more info – click HERE


  • 5 days centre-based walking; 1 free day
  • Travel by minibus, local train and cable car
  • Altitude maximum 2352m, average 1525m
  • 7 nights in comfortable chalet, all rooms with private bathrooms
  • All breakfasts, 5 picnic lunches, 6 dinners
  • All accommodation
  • All transport and listed activities
  • Tour leader throughout
  • Flights from London (if booking incl. flights)
  • For more info – click HERE

If you would like to chat to us about the trips or have any questions – please call Gill on 0333 1234540

Out N About Summer 2018

Wessex Nordic Walkers took part in the Walk for a Brighter Future 10k raising over £250 for their local NHS hospital in Swindon. NWUK Instructor Ashley Sandy  led the way with all that and took first place with others in the group just behind her.

Groups around the UK have found that taking part in a charity walk is a great way to add some oomph to your Nordic walk and do good at the same time                                              

Tracy Larvin from Mercian Nordic Walking was one of a group of Nordic Walkers form Glocestershire nd Worcestershire who took part in the Cotswold 24 hour race – Tracy, however was the Nordic walker who covered the most miles in the 24 hours – read more about the event and their personal accounts here 

A hot Summers day in Cheshire saw the ‘Millenials Nordic Walking Group’ heading for the shade and wearing their best sunhats. Reason for their name? Simple, their combined ages total over 1000! Yep, we’re talking  92,91,85,84,84,84,83,83,80,77,73,73,69,50,47years.! 

Becki Stevenson and her group from Wales got to the top of Pen y Fan on one of the few wet days of 2018! Whilst South Warwickshire NW seem to have got their priorities right – even their cupcakes are branded! We hope that they had purple plates too!

The HQ Team toured the UK in June July and August with appearances at the Grasmere Gallop, Keswick Mountain Festival and Countryfile Live and it was great to see hundreds of purple clad people take part in the Gallop which is the first ever Nordic Walking event in the UK and one we are proud to support every year. As you can see from the pictures it’s a great event in a stunning place and the perfect chance to meet up with other Nordic Walkers. Join us in 2019 see HERE for details of how to enter




See you there?

We will be at the Countryfile Live event 2019 again too although we doubt it will be quite as hot! This year we sweltered at Blenheim Palace and soldiered on with Tasters in the shade as the 125,000 visitors tried to stay cool (even opting to be doused by the local Firefighters) The heat did not dampen the spirits of the NWUK Instructors who worked tirelessly to promote Nordic Walking                                                            It was also hot for the 10th Anniversary of Sam Armstrong who started her Mid Derbyshire group back in 2008 when she was one of the earliest Instructors to train with NWUK . Her brilliant group gave her a party to remember. What was lovely is that  walkers who also started with her 10 years ago were keen to tell us how grateful they are to Sam and her team for providing such a brilliant, effective and enjoyable way to exercise with lovely people. 


A unique Festival of Fun!

The Isle of Purbeck in Dorset once again became PURPLEBECK this September when Nordic Walkers from around the World arrived to take part in the 3rd Purbeck Nordic Walking Festival organised by local company Nordic Walking UK

Dressed in their signature Purple branded shirts they took part in over 120 different walks and workshops which saw them experience this amazing location at its best. The walks took in the coastline, the history, the geology, the scenery and the literature that makes the area so unique whilst the local hospitality added delicious cream teas, meals and more!

The main HUB for the event was ideally placed by the Norden Park n Ride in Corfe Castle which meant Festival goers could easily park for free and get around the area via buses and the local Steam Railway. There was even a Purple Express Train that took them back to Swanage after the Saturday Evening music event where bands played as people enjoyed a rustic Hog Roast or choice of suppers and local Cider.

On the Saturday, a large proportion of the walkers took part in two challenge events organised by the Purbeck Marathon team. The 16 mile and 27 walks took them out in to the most dramatic and rugged scenery and it was certainly no walk in the Park!

The outright winner this year in a time of 6 hours 26 mins was Tracy Larvin from Bromsgrove who is fast becoming the one to beat when it comes to endurance Nordic Walking. Here she is getting her trophy. You can view the rest of the results HERE

It was not only the speedy folk who were celebrated at the Prize presentation either – These three (Duncan, Kathy and Caroline) were awarded the Inspiration prize as nominated by their Instructors. Great stories that remind us of how many people battle ill health to stay active or how in just two years it’s possible to go from coach potato to taking part in the Marathon challenge (yes the two Ladies are wearing marathon medals!). They were no dry eyes in the crowd and it was great to embrace how Nordic Walking is for all levels and really changes lives.

The new scenic and private HUB area was buzzing with registrations, retails opportunities, presentations and workshops which included beginner’s courses, rehabilitation sessions, Ski fit, Speedhyking (see picture) and a host of other technique and training options.

All participants were given a T shirt (purple of course) plus a goodie bag which contained a festival neckerchief courtesy of Fizan poles. Every walk was lead by a qualified and first aid trained leader and back markers where in place to ensure everybody made it back safely too. A Team of Orange clad volunteer Hosts which included NWUK Instructors from around the UK plus local Nordic Walkers from the Dorset Nordic walking group made the event go without a hitch and Festival goers remarked on their efforts which even included rubbish recycling and traffic management. 

Organiser Gill Stewart from Nordic Walking UK said, “we simply could not put on the walks and workshops without this team of dedicated Folk who spend all year mapping and risk assessing walks and helping come up with our innovative programme” On that note…. Many of the Festival goers have already reserved their accommodation for next year and Gill and the team have already pre booked the Cream Teas, Ferries and Bands that make this event so iconic. Dates for 2019 are 13th – 15th September and tickets are about to be released. Get in early as those who book first get the first choice of walks and workshops when the full timetable is released in June and those with tickets can log in to book specific walks and workshops in order to make up their own schedule for the weekend. Tickets cost from £25 a day which gives access to at least 3 walks and workshops plus presentations and access to the HUB and music events.





Don’t take our word for it – check out this feedback…………………….

Thanks for a great festival, great walks, lovely people and enjoyed the hub on Saturday night!

Thank you so much for a fantastic day on Saturday, I had a brilliant time and thoroughly enjoyed every single moment. Great walk in the morning followed by several workshops, all excellent and well run, I very much appreciated it all.

Congratulations on a great event and people were saying how much they were enjoying it.  I loved your new hub location in Corfe, great to have all the parking, space for the Workshops too as well as very scenic.

It was great to see people I hadn’t seen since last year’s festival and to meet new people too. It really was a  lovely atmosphere.

Well done for everyone’s hard work and organisation I know how much work goes into these events and you organised the great weather too.

I’d like to thank your team for organising such a brilliant Festival-it was evident that so much thought and care had gone in to arranging everything and it must have been a logistic challenge to think of all the contingency plans. Everyone from the Purbeck Team was so welcoming and friendly. The walks were an absolute delight and the classes were wonderful. The leaders were really superb. It was the first time I’ve attended a Nordic Walking Festival and it won’t be my last!

What an awesome event. A very big thankyou to All the team. My wife & I had so much fun. Please email us when you set a date for next year !

I would like to say a huge thank you to you, the whole NWUK team and the local hosts for the totally enjoyable Festival 2018.  I know you all worked so hard before, during and probably after the event too, to give everyone such a fab time.I loved the walks – in particular Corfe to Creech, Secret Arne (what a beautiful location) and the Foraging with Joe was wonderful.  He hinted that he could include a cookery session next year which could offer a brilliant addition.The local hosts were excellent, especially David and Sally and Pam who I walked with.I’m now very excited about the possibility of going on one of the Exodus holidays with a party of Hampstead nordic walkers.

Come and join us –  See the Event website HERE and take advantage of Earlybird ticket prices up until Christmas. First come first served and don’t forget that NWUK Members save £5 on ticket prices too.