Nordic Walking for back pain!

Helen Eloli is not a fan of being outdoors but when her back problems made all other forms of exercise difficult, she took the plunge and tried Nordic Walking – here’s her story……..

“After a bad snowboarding accident, my back problems started, with a disc that would slip out at the drop of a hat and trapped nerves in my spine that had me unable to walk, drive and generally out of action for at least 2wks at a time.

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We’re all going on a……… Nordic Walking Holiday

View to Mont Blanc

View towards Mont Blanc. Courtesy of Tracks & Trails

So…… you love Nordic Walking with your local instructor but you want to travel to more exotic climates with your poles to experience some of the fantastic routes and holidays now available (see the holiday section on our website for some ideas).

But transporting your poles can cause problems, especially if you have fixed length poles, as they can be fragile and susceptible to damage if taken in the hold.  Most airlines also do not allow the poles to be carried in the cabin as they are deemed ‘dangerous’ with their sharp carbide tip.

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My Nordic Walking Story – Duncan Barratt

Picture of Duncan Barratt

Duncan Barratt - 68 Year Old Retired Architect

A keen sportsman until his 40s Duncan lost his fitness & gained weight due to a busy but sedentary lifestyle. When he retired at 65 he decided to take action but found the gym a bit boring. He joined The Chalfont St Giles 60+ Fitness and Social Club which has 50 active members who enjoy a variety of activities including ‘Simply Walk’.
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Weight loss – the Nordic Walking way

Kaye Redwood

Kaye Now after starting Nordic Walking

When Kaye Redwood joined the management team at Nordic Walking UK she was not a keen exerciser and her love of the good life had resulted in rapid weight gain. Here’s her story about how her introduction to Nordic Walking and the Pete Cohen weight loss programme used by Nordic Walking UK Instructors were just what she needed when she received a surprise proposal of marriage whilst on holiday in Italy!

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Welcome to our blog!

At Nordic Walking UK, We’ve got so much content we’d like to share so thought we’d set up a blog to showcase all this information.

From Nordic Walking Tips and Tricks, to the latest routes and gear reviews. It’ll all be here.

Whilst we get started on uploading the content, we’d love to hear from you about what content would really be beneficial to you on here, so please leave a comment below!

Thanks, The Nordic Walking UK team