Happy feet = Happy walking

About this time of year, many people are dusting off their old trainers and walking boots and setting out on a mission – to walk faster and further than they have ever done before.  I’m sure you all have a kit list for this epic adventure – for example a waterproof jacket, rucksack, sunglasses, flask of tea etc etc.

But one of the most important body parts we all neglect is our FEET.  Many people buy expensive technical shoes and boots, but are they right for the job?  Here are a few tips on what to look for: Continue reading

Fun in the Sun

Finally………. THE SUN IS OUT!

It certainly makes us feel all summery here at HQ and we know from our instructors that you are all out there in force, exploring new routes, new fitness sessions and generally enjoying the good weather in the countryside.

Hopefully you have thought about wearing plenty of sun screen before you strip off but if you want to top up your tan, we have recently started stocking the fantastic ORGANIC ANNECY cosmetic line, designed specifically for travellers, athletes and adventurers. Here’s what we like about their products:

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The Smartest tip in Town

Exciting news – the brand new 2012 Leki poles have arrived and feature a very clever new Paw system called the ‘Smart Tip’.  No longer the need to take your paws on and off you poles on different terrains, or losing them to the nearest drain or muddy patch, they simply click up to reveal the carbide tip, or down for the paw. Continue reading

Paws For Thought

Nordic Walking poles have rubber ‘paws’ which cover the carbide tips for use on hard surfaces like pavements. In principle it’s recommended that you remove these when walking on softer ground as you get more traction from the tips whilst it’s always advisable to pop them back on when on tarmac etc. The paws are angled backwards in order to provide grip on harder surfaces but technique does play an important part in mastering how to avoid them slipping, especially if the surface is greasy from wet leaves. If you find it hard to get your paws to grip you may need to chat to your Instructor as there could be a number of reasons for this.
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Welcome to our blog!

At Nordic Walking UK, We’ve got so much content we’d like to share so thought we’d set up a blog to showcase all this information.

From Nordic Walking Tips and Tricks, to the latest routes and gear reviews. It’ll all be here.

Whilst we get started on uploading the content, we’d love to hear from you about what content would really be beneficial to you on here, so please leave a comment below!

Thanks, The Nordic Walking UK team