NWUK membership – a bright idea

One of the newly added benefits of Nordic Walking UK membership is 10% discount off LEDlenser head torches.

Martin Christie, founder of Nordic walking in the UK, runs Exercise with Friends Nordic Walking Club in London. Here’s what he says about Ledlenser head torches:

‘One of our clients purchased a LED Lenser H7R rechargeable head torch two winters ago and within weeks more than half our regular group had followed suit, including me. Collectively, we had tried a number of brands, models and price points but found that the quality of the LED Lenser outshone all competitors. If you think it’s a car coming over Hampstead Heath at night, you’re wrong; it’s a group of Nordic walkers!’

See all the other benefits here…

Membership is only £9.95 but if you have completed the FREEDOM programme and have a unique CC code you can join for FREE for the first year (£2.50 p and p for the membership pack). You can sign up using your CC code at nordicwalking.co.uk

A magical night-time walk at RSPB Arne during Purbeck Nordic Walking Festival 2017

NEW Membership benefits

NWUK Membership just got even better!

The NWUK Membership card will now give you 15% discount in Blacks, Millets and Ultimate Outdoors as well as Cotswold Outdoor and Rohan. Show your card in store or log in to your membership account on nordicwalking.co.uk

Here at NWUK we have been working hard to find new benefits for our members, like Aquapac drybags, a range of nifty waterproof phone cases, camera cases, backpacks and multi-purposes dry sacks. Aquapac offer a generous 20% discount in their online store to NWUK members – and that includes sale items!

See all the other benefits here…

Membership is only £9.95 but if you have completed the FREEDOM programme and have a unique CC code you can join for FREE for the first year (£2.50 p and p for the membership pack). You can sign up using your CC code at nordicwalking.co.uk








Xmas Gifts for Nordic Walkers

Christmas Gifts from Nordic Walking UKWe have put together a range of gifts that will suit everybody from the Nordic Walking enthusiast to an absolute beginner who fancies giving it a try.

So, don’t get stuck for ideas this Christmas, just browse our Nordic Walking inspired gift packs or simply select a voucher and let your loved ones choose for themselves!



xmas voucher book polesShow somebody you really care by giving them everything they need to take up Nordic walking. Combine our informative book with a NWUK ‘Learn to Nordic Walk’ course  with their nearest delivery partner instructor AND their own pair of Gabel Nordic walking poles. This course will ensure they master Nordic walking technique and get the results they want – it comes complete with the NWUK freedom card which provides a host of benefits and will enable them to join walks and events across the UK

Gift includes:-

  • Complete guide to Nordic Walking
  • a pair Gabel stretch Lite poles
  • A NWUK ‘Learn to Nordic Walk’ course
  • NWUK Freedom card




xmas gift book and polesA thoughtful gift for somebody who fancies giving Nordic Walking a try – our easy to follow Complete Guide will help them to grasp the basics and help them get the most from their fully adjustable poles. A great gift for all levels.

Gift includes:-

  • The complete Guide to Nordic Walking
  • a Pair of Gabel Nordic walking poles




xmas gift gloves, light and waistpackNo Nordic walker would turn down this pack of goodies which will help them stay safe and comfortable during the winter months.The Gabel gloves fit snugly into any make of Nordic Walking straps and are padded in all the right places! The little flexible light will fix onto poles, backpacks and even clothing – choose red for back and white for the front! Complete the pack with a nifty little waist belt that keeps valuables, phone and keys close to hand and safe whilst out walking, it’s comfy too in soft flexible neoprene.




gift voucherIf you would rather let your loved ones choose their own gift options we can arrange everything from tuition with a local Instructor to a new career as an Instructor themselves!

Or maybe something smaller like a pair of poles or any of our clothing shoes and accessories?

We have £5.00, £10.00 and £50.00 options available on line but we are more than happy to do bespoke amounts and agree whether they can spend on courses or within the store – you choose!

The Vouchers are available on the gift packages page  – click HERE– or call us to build your perfect pressie! 0333 1234 540

 bottle uprightSTOCKING FILLERS

If you are seeking some Nordic style stocking fillers, our Elves tell us that replacement paws, gloves, pad butlers and socks are the most popular items this year but who will be able to resist our special purple branded water bottles which come with the strapline ‘Turn a walk into a workout!’ and are only £6.95 – check out our full range of items from shoes to backpacks HERE

Multi Functional Pole – Fusion

It is well known that you can use a Nordic Walking pole for Trekking, but NOT the other way round.  The reason is simple – you need the specific hand strap to perform the technique correctly and Trekking poles do not come with this.  However, The ‘clever chaps’ at Gabel have come up with a great solution which comes with attachments for both – the Fusion. Continue reading

Day Trippin’ – Have you got everything?

As we approach mid summer and the days stretch on and on, there is no better time to pack up your gear and head out on one of the many walking trails a bit further afield from your local routes.  Here is our guide to all the essentials you may need to really make the most of it: Continue reading

New Gabel Poles

Gabel have been busy……… with many subtle changes to the 2012 line up which are making them the affordable alternative more established brands such as Leki.  Now in their 3rd year in the UK, Gabel have been listening to our customers and Instructors and have made some great changes, were sure you will like….. Continue reading

Nuflex – a helping hand in your session

In this damp weather it’s a lot harder for those of us who suffer from joint stiffness to make sure we are in the best condition possible before and after our activity sessions and sometimes we need a bit of help! Similarly, those who are extremely active and need to stay in top condition, should make an effort to help their muscles recover and keep them as supple as possible. That’s why were are delighted to have teamed up with Nuflex. Continue reading

Happy feet = Happy walking

About this time of year, many people are dusting off their old trainers and walking boots and setting out on a mission – to walk faster and further than they have ever done before.  I’m sure you all have a kit list for this epic adventure – for example a waterproof jacket, rucksack, sunglasses, flask of tea etc etc.

But one of the most important body parts we all neglect is our FEET.  Many people buy expensive technical shoes and boots, but are they right for the job?  Here are a few tips on what to look for: Continue reading

Fun in the Sun

Finally………. THE SUN IS OUT!

It certainly makes us feel all summery here at HQ and we know from our instructors that you are all out there in force, exploring new routes, new fitness sessions and generally enjoying the good weather in the countryside.

Hopefully you have thought about wearing plenty of sun screen before you strip off but if you want to top up your tan, we have recently started stocking the fantastic ORGANIC ANNECY cosmetic line, designed specifically for travellers, athletes and adventurers. Here’s what we like about their products:

Continue reading