The Smartest tip in Town

Exciting news – the brand new 2012 Leki poles have arrived and feature a very clever new Paw system called the ‘Smart Tip’.  No longer the need to take your paws on and off you poles on different terrains, or losing them to the nearest drain or muddy patch, they simply click up to reveal the carbide tip, or down for the paw. Continue reading

We’re all going on a……… Nordic Walking Holiday

View to Mont Blanc

View towards Mont Blanc. Courtesy of Tracks & Trails

So…… you love Nordic Walking with your local instructor but you want to travel to more exotic climates with your poles to experience some of the fantastic routes and holidays now available (see the holiday section on our website for some ideas).

But transporting your poles can cause problems, especially if you have fixed length poles, as they can be fragile and susceptible to damage if taken in the hold.  Most airlines also do not allow the poles to be carried in the cabin as they are deemed ‘dangerous’ with their sharp carbide tip.

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