Activity: Halloween Spooktastic

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Pace: Moderate

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Intensity: Moderate

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Gradient: High

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 NORDIC Well Being Walks

Price: £11.00

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Main Instructor:

Storme Bodyworks Bath

Walk Description:

A Spooktastic Halloween Walk venturing into the ancient wood in search of the spirit of Sally in the Wood - legend has it her appearances are always more frequent around Halloween - come with us if you dare. Warning there may be spooky creaks and groans and not  just from our knees as we climb the steps to the tower that Sally was infamously imprisoned within and left to die.

A two hour gorgeous circular walk starting in Bathford walking through the pretty village and meadow with pretty views before a spot of our much loved forest bathing before yet another  stunning vista opens up below us, wander the Paths of Browns Folly and see the tower famed for the legend of Sally in the Wood - tales have it she was imprisoned in the tower and left to die!  A hill at the start but then a fairly level but uneven and rooty walk can also be muddy so wear appropriate footwear.  There is a stretch of the walk with steps to climb however there is an entire flat route option for those who prefer not to negotiate uneven steps.   We take a steady walk up the hill in the beginning meandering through the meadow with stops along the way to admire the view.  There are a couple of stiles to climb.