Winchester Coffee Roasters walk

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Sue Holdway

Walk Description:

Passing through the village of Avington, after which you cross a series of bridges over the Itchen.  You may be lucky to see the over-sized cygnet.  There are many views of the river along the way, some with still water and some with weirs of gushing water.  For every picturesque village, there is an equally interesting village church, and/or pub, and many interesting, historic cottages and houses, even walking right through the centre of the garden and over their footbridge of one beautiful cottage.  Making this a very interesting walk for all.

The treat comes just over half way round when we visit the Winchester Coffee Roasters at Kings Worthy.  I highly recommend their coffee and consider it to be second to none, certainly in this area.  They also make delicious homemade cakes, which you will deserve during this pleasant walk, which finishes in Avington Park with fine views of the house and lake.