Activity: 2pm Westminster Park, Fit For Life Wellness OPEN WALX with Pauline

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Wellness Open WALX

Price: £7.00

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Main Instructor:

Elizabeth Kerley

Hosted By:

Pauline Cotton

Walk Description:

Gentle WALX that incorporate balance work, flexibility and strength exercises and maybe a bit of tai chi or relaxation too. Great for those who are getting back into exercise, have a health condition or simply want to move well and be fit for life! Our wellbeing Instructors are qualified to deliver WALX for all levels so it’s never too late to take that first step..

We take into account your abilities and plan the route accordingly so you can be sure to exercise at the pace which is right for you.  Walking or Nordic walking can be  interspersed with balance, strength, relaxation, smovey workouts and taichi movements for wellbeing.


Westminster Park offers easy flat terrain on  generally good paths  and well kept playing fields.