Activity: Paced Urban Adventure - East Grinstead (Pace 2-3)

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Pace: Moderate

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Intensity: Moderate

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Gradient: Moderate

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Nordic WALX

Price: £7.00

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Main Instructor:

WALX Coast and Country

Hosted By:

Mandy Border

Walk Description:

This is a great walk to increase your fitness. The walk is roughly 1 hour long. Our walk will take us through the beautiful streets and country paths around East Grinstead.

This walk changes weekly as there are so many wonderful areas to explore. The terrain includes hills and fast flats and can be muddy underfoot on wet evenings.    

This walk is the perfect way to work on your fitness in a fabulous setting. Come and enjoy walking, take in the views, fresh air and company of the group, whilst being active outdoors.

If you have a head torch feel free to bring it with you on the darker evenings.

Please Note: 2 poles apart must be adhered to at all times.

PACE Explained:

PACE 1  Approximately 3 to 3.5 miles per hour. A comfortable pace for anyone who wants to walk and talk. There is time to stop and take photos etc. 

PACE 2 Approximately 3.5 to 4.5 miles per hour. This is a steady pace which might make your breathing a little heavier, especially on the hills.

PACE 3 Approximately 4.5 to 5 miles per hour. This is for the more experienced walker who knows they can push the pace. There will be times where they will be breathless but there is also recovery (usually on the flat or downhill). 

Please be assured that we have a NO DROP POLICY (no none gets left behind) and the walk leaders will always ensure we use different methods to cater for different needs within the group.

Please note all of our sessions are COVID SECURE.

Did you know you can attend an unlimited number of walks and fitness sessons for as little as £25 per month on direct debit. 

This includes all of your walks and access to a whole timetable of Virtual Live fitness sessions. You can workout in the comfort of your own home and still have the company of others.