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Stroud Nordic Walking is a small and friendly ‘Outdoor Health Club’ where we enjoy the beautiful Cotswold surroundings, turning our ‘walks into a workout’, meet new people and benefit from being outdoors in all weather. We offer regular ‘Power of Poles’ – Learn to Nordic Walk courses and Weekly Group Walks.

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Akhila Underhill

Role: Accredited Nordic Walking Instructor and Delivery Partner for NWUK



I’m Akhila, owner of Stroud Nordic Walking.


Leading a busy life with a family and a full time job, I tried to fit in some exercise in my ‘spare time’. When running became too hard on my knees I looked around to find something equally effective and preferably an exercise to do outdoors. I do enjoy walking and being Swedish, I know lots of people who walk with poles, so I searched the web to buy some poles. When I then came across courses to learn to Nordic walk, I was initially a little hesitant – ‘why would I need to learn to walk?’


Anyway, I signed up for a taster session and immediately experienced the difference the poles made and how joyful it was to be part of a group. I signed up for the course and loved it!


In August 2018 I moved to Stroud and started to search for a local Nordic Walk group, wanting to meet new people to explore the beautiful Cotswold with. Discovering that it was about an hour drive to the nearest group left me a little disappointed. After all – all I had to do was open my front door and I would be in the most beautiful countryside. But it wasn’t the same to walk alone.


So with some encouragement from my husband, I decided to train as a Nordic Walking Instructor with NWUK and subsequently started Stroud Nordic Walking in the summer of 2019.

I love Nordic Walking and my aim is to inspire many more in the Stroud region to ‘give it a go’ and come walking with me. At the moment, I’m the sole instructor/leader, but  hoping to inspire more people to join me as walk-leaders. Please get in touch if you are interested!



from members of Akhila Underhill

Found some new muscles!

Thank you, I I really enjoyed it - although I seem to have found some muscles I didn't know I had by the aching this morning!!!


A very good workout!

Very enjoyable once you get into the rhythm. A very good workout!


Excellent instructor.

Fantastic walks in our beautiful Stroud countryside with Akhila, an excellent instructor and guide.


Loving it!

I love getting out for a night time walk and would never do it by myself. We have such a great time as a group. One hour workout then home again in time to still have an evening. Loving it!


Enthusiastic leader

Akhila is super enthusiastic and a great walk leader. I highly recommend doing a course and then joining in for some great local walks.