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Hi, I’m Dave, welcome to my page. Nordic Walking is great for

all round fitness, weight loss, and general well-being.

I took up Nordic Walking seriously only two years ago, and have operated as an instructor for the past year. My group is small, but growing. We have regular walks of varying intensity depending on location, including some of an easier grade suitable for newer and less able walkers. If you are new to Nordic Walking check out our Power of Poles intro course…

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Meet the Team

David Palmer

Role: NWUK Instructor

Hi, I’m Dave. I am ex-Royal Navy, ex-bus driver, retired retail assistant, and have operated as a Nordic Walking instructor for the past year.

I have always been active, but only recently discovered the benefits of Nordic Walking and took it up seriously about two years ago. My mission is to promote awareness of Nordic Walking and help others experience the same benefits that I have found myself.

Nordic Walking is an enjoyable and sociable way to achieve and maintain a good level of full body fitness and general well-being. Correct use of the poles activates all your main muscle groups, enhancing upper body and core strength, leading to improved posture and greater efficiency of effort. Using more muscles will burn more calories, improve cardio-vascular fitness, and is great for toning the body and helping with weight loss.

Check out our Power of Poles introductory course. This is a structured, 90 minute workshop that will teach you the basics and have you walking easily and confidently with strapless poles. The last part of the course will introduce the more traditional strapped poles, so you can try both and find your preference. On completion you will be awarded the Freedom Passport, enabling you to join in with our regular group walks and other activities.

You may choose to stick with strapless poles which many walkers now prefer, but for those who prefer strapped, we also offer Power of Poles (2) which explores more advanced technique, but is entirely optional.

So go Nordic now. Thanks for visiting.


from members of Bromley and West Kent Nordic Walking

Nordic Fun

I've recently joined David's Nordic walking group. Sessions are usually from 60-90 minutes and held at different venues. I'm really enjoying learning the techniques of using the Nordic walking poles which David teaches throughout the walks. It's great exercise but in a friendly, relaxed way and it's good to discover new places to walk too.

Jill Coxon

A Good Decision

I'd been thinking of taking up Nordic walking for a while and took the introductory power of the poles course with David last May. (2021) He has taught me how to get the most out of using poles and I've been a regular on his walks ever since. David varies the pace to suit your fitness level and I've found it a great way to get fitter and get out and about, exploring local parks and green spaces. And if there's a cafe nearby (often but not always) we reward our efforts with a coffee and chat afterwards.

Diana Paine

Walking with Dave

I started walking with Dave last November. He is quite friendly and quite happy to go at your speed, and I have had many good walks with him. The exercise has improved my fitness levels no end, I feel energised and far healthier.

Lionel Boyd-Levy