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Dalesway Nordic Walking is a Nordic Walking UK affiliate and offers regular technique courses and walks in Ilkley and the surrounding areas.

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  • NWUK Delivery Partner
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Meet the Team

Jane Thomas

Role: NWUK Delivery Partner

I am Personal Trainer, accredited NWUK Instructor (Delivery Partner) and run Dalesway Nordic Walking.

A little history:
Having always enjoyed exercising I decided to train as a Personal Trainer and Sports Massage Therapist in 2007. For 8 years I loved helping people get fitter and healthier through Personal Training, Running groups, and Nordic walking (I founded Nordic Walking Watford in 2012) and then in late 2016 I moved up to Ilkley, a beautiful walking destination, and started Dalesway Nordic Walking in July 2017.

I like to think that my style is one of gently ‘persuasive’ encouragement! I hope that my love of this amazing activity rubs off on you, so come and enjoy Nordic Walking with me, and be persuaded into a healthier, fitter, you! 🙂

Liz McKeown

Role: NWUK Leader

Liz qualified as a Walk Leader in early 2019, and was trained by NWUK.

Liz says:
“I’ve always enjoyed exercise and when not walking you’ll find me playing my ukulele in the Otley Ukulele Orchestra. Since starting Nordic Walking with Jane last year I have increased my fitness, met a new group of wonderful friends and have found the perfect outside gym. Becoming a walk leader is the icing on the cake.”

First Aid trained.

Angela Graham

Role: NWUK Leader

Angela qualified as a Walk Leader in 2019, trained by NWUK.
Angela says:
“I discovered Nordic Walking when I was looking into ways of keeping fit without going to a gym and completed the “Learn to Nordic Walk” course with Jane early in 2017.
Since then, through attending regular walks and with Jane’s encouragement, I have seen my fitness level soar. I have lost some weight and have even entered a few 10k racing events!
It’s not just about keeping fit though. The group walks are a wonderful way to socialise with like-minded people, and being outside (in all weathers) really lifts your spirits.

As a walk leader I will hopefully be able to encourage more people to commit to regular exercise and reap the benefits that Nordic Walking has to offer.”

First Aid trained
Sheila Palmer

Role: NWUK Leader

Sheila qualified as a Walk Leader in 2019, trained by NWUK.
Sheila will be providing occasional cover when needed.

Sheila says:
“I stumbled across Dalesway Nordic Walking when I was hunting around for a way to improve my overall fitness in early retirement. I was always a keen walker but realised that my trips to the hills had become too infrequent to keep me fit, and I was avoiding the gym at all costs! After a taster session with Jane I quickly signed up for the Learn to Nordic Walk course, completing in late summer 2018. I was well and truly hooked. It’s not just the improvement in fitness either; Nordic walking has brought me so many other benefits including a general sense of wellbeing, lots of opportunities to explore the local countryside, and a great way to meet and socialise with other like-minded people. The graceful technique of more experienced Nordic walkers has spurred me on to improve, and at the same time it has been inspiring for me to see other new walkers push at their limits and improve their mobility and confidence as time passes. Good company and great scenery on the edge of the beautiful Yorkshire Dales, what’s not to like? I hope you’ll be joining us soon!”

First Aid Trained


from members of Jane Thomas (DNW)

What's not to like!

Lovely walks with lovely people...what's not to like!

Angela Graham

The icing on the cake

Been walking with Jane since completing the course. I am fitter, toned and lost inches. Her walks are amazing and the icing on the cake is the fantastic people I’ve met. Feel like I have a new bunch of friends. Be careful though it’s addictive ❤️💪🏻😀

Liz McKeown

Improving FitnessI

I learned to Nordic Walk with Jane a year ago with an aim to improve and maintain fitness. Thanks to Jane's motivating teaching and encouraging leadership I am fitter than I have been in a long time. It's always great to spend time outdoors, and even better in the company of such a friendly group!

Sheila Palmer