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I have always kept myself fit, spending 22 years in the military gave me a love of the outdoors. I can’t think of anything better than Nordic Walking with a group of people who have the same love of the outdoors.

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Supporting your life balance is our aim! We look at the whole person


Supporting your life balance is our aim! We look at the whole person; within the business we have three elements: The First element – Fitness walking, from wellbeing walks for those who have suffered an injury and who want to get back to a suitable standard of fitness, to our Nordic Adventure and fitness walks,

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Meet the Team

Mike Neary

Role: NWUK Instructor

Mike Neary; I have always kept myself physically fit, spending 22 years in the military gave me a love of the outdoors. I can’t think of anything better than Nordic Walking (NW) with a group of people who have the same love of the outdoors. I found NW by accident and loved it immediately. After my taster session I purchased a set of poles and progressed to walking on average 30 to 40 miles a week. I am also now a qualified Sports Massage Therapist, helping people function to their best ability, I look forward to meeting new walkers and especially enjoy teaching NW Walking techniques. I also teach first aid for the outdoors, which aligns with my other business Managing Excellence Through Training Ltd.

Lynn Andrews

Role: Walk Leader

I got into Nordic Walking some years ago when a friend posted pictures of herself out walking in the sunshine with a group of happy looking people.  I had been trying to stay fit but was getting tired of being inside the gym, on a treadmill, and missing out on all that fresh air!

So, I decided to have a go at Nordic Walking and was able to book on to a Fast Track Course (the first one was cancelled due to snow – which I thought was rather funny for ‘Nordic’ walking!).  My first proper walk was on Christmas Eve, not the most convenient day, but I was keen to get going with my new-found walking skills!  I have never considered myself to be a ‘walker’, it wasn’t a thing we did as a family, but Nordic Walking added other dimensions: the poles provided a good upper body work-out, I was outside enjoying nature and I was meeting some lovely likeminded people.  On days when I didn’t particularly feel like waking, the fact that I had had to book on to a walk gave me the impetus to get going.

I was given the chance to train as a Walk Leader and have enjoyed the opportunity to learn first aid (relevant to the outdoor environment) and to assist my Walk Instructor by helping with warm-ups/stretches, leading walks in his absence and generally trying to be supportive and encouraging to new group members. As well as gaining fitness and stamina, I have made some really good friends through Nordic Walking – something I hadn’t expected to do.

There are Nordic Walks to suit everyone’s level of fitness and commitment; not just walks but Nordic Walking  ‘Workout’ sessions, for example.  Something for everyone!

Cara Clifton

Role: Walk Leader

Hi, I am Cara I have been walking with Mike for 4 years, I am a walk leader and a trained first aider. I mainly lead gentle walks on Mondays as I am recovering from an injury. Prior to that I would normally lead adventure walks, which I fully intend to return to. I find Nordic group walking a very social activity, I have made some great friends; what I really like about it, is everyone can find a walk that suits their fitness level.

I have my own business; Cara’s Beauty Holistics, which keeps me incredibly busy, and NW is a great way to keep fit and de- stress from our busy lives. I am looking forward to walking with new clients and helping them on their Nordic Walking journey.


Jason Clark

Role: Walk Leader

Hi, I’m Jason, one of the walk leaders. I have been Nordic Walking for 6 years, and leading since the middle of 2021. I’m also a trained First Aider and recently trained as a Mental Health First Aider. I enjoy fitness sessions, especially those that get me into the great outdoors. I find NW a great way to meet new people, and help unwind from a very busy job at the Open University. I enjoy being out in the fresh air walking with likeminded people.


from members of Mike Neary

Nordic walking has been a revelation to me

Nordic walking has been a revelation to me. Free of the boring repetition of gym exercises, it is not only a great way of keeping fit (a whole body workout) but also an excellent way of enjoying the countryside and the company of others. And it's great for all ages, including more mature walkers like myself (I'm pushing 70).   Mike runs a really friendly group of people from all areas of life. He's got more knowledge about the human body than most people have had hot dinners, so you feel safe and utterly at ease when walking with him. He is also really careful about inclusivity so you needn't worry about what standard of fitness you have, he'll look after you. Don't just think about it – try it!   Colin Bryer

Colin Bryer

Nordic Walking is a fantastic activity

Nordic Walking is a fantastic activity which has greatly improved my fitness level. Walking in nature has helped my sense of wellbeing too. This is a very sociable group led by the inspirational Mike Neary.  

Kate Duncan

I took up Nordic Walking in late 2021

I took up Nordic Walking in late 2021. I was new to the area, keen to meet new people and to get active to address a bad back and poor posture from long hours in a stressful desk job. As I love the outdoors, Nordic Walking was the ideal choice. In addition to its many whole-body physical health benefits, it’s also great for your mental health. Mike is a very knowledgeable and experienced instructor and leader. His background as a trainer and in sports massage mean he quickly assesses your needs, motivations and learning style and tailors the initial training session to you. Everyone in the walking group is welcoming and friendly and as you engage in interesting conversations and marvel at the beauty on your doorstep, you hardly realise you are getting a thorough workout. Mike and the other walk leaders ensure the walks match the ability of those walking and nobody gets left behind.

Shamus Kenny

How often have I finished a Nordic walk and been buzzing!!

How often have I finished a Nordic walk and been buzzing!! You can't beat a good walk and talk.  Nordic walking is a great way to enjoy walking and increase your fitness, strength and wellbeing.  Mike offers just the right amount of support and encouragement.  My fitness and mental health have definitely increased over the last 3 years.  

Sue Stebbings

Why we started and love Nordic Walking

My husband and I wanted to start an activity together to get us fitter, and out of the house during COVID.  Nordic Walking was most definitely the answer.  A perfect exercise, in fresh air, with great people. Walk on you own, or chat away, it’s up to you, the group respects your personal space.  The difference in stamina, body tone and well-being are noticeable very quickly. Compliments other forms of exercise (i.e. karate). Great instructors, who keep it fun and interesting.  What’s not to like?

Sean & Sue Cocklin