Nordic Workout Walks

Nordic workout walks make every step count and ensure that you maximise the whole body benefits of your poles! Your Instructor will be trained to deliver strength and toning exercises plus work on all aspects of fitness

Nordic Workout walks

Just a few examples of what might be included in your Nordic Workout walks – our fully trained team will constantly add variety and progression to make sure you improve fitness, tone and keep the weight off! Be prepared to be inspired and possibly amazed at what your  workout walks may contain!

Speed drills

Your instructor will push you harder than you might do when walking on your own but they are trained to understand safe exercise intensity so it will be more motivating than exhausting! They will also allow plenty of rest times because that is also a vital way to improve fitness.

Strength exercises

Using a mix of body weight, partner work, poles and the local landscape you instructor will add some strength training to your Nordic workout walks. This is because resistance exercises help build lean tissue which in turn improves body tone, improves metabolism and helps with weight loss. Everyday lifting and pushing will be easier after a few sessions!

Hill work

Some people love a hill walk and others actively avoid them! We say, if you tackle them correctly and take your time they can add a vital CV training benefit to any walk. Your poles will help on both the up and downward sections and you will gain fitness plus a love of walking up hills (we promise!)

Resistance Bands

Our unique poles band system - Lightweight and portable, this is literally a walking gym! Your Instructor may use these to ensure you target all your key muscles whilst on the go. Experience a cardiovascular boost, increased fat burning and improved strength and tone.

Nordic Technique Drills

We have developed a unique 4 gear Nordic walking system that enables your instructor to add intensity to your walk by increasing the range of movement and intensity of the pole use. Bursts of higher gear drills will improve your technique and fitness.


Our speedhyking module is designed to help your instructor prepare you for long distance challenge walks, hill walking and hiking at speed. They will teach you how to use poles for speed and techniques for covering different terrain with agility.  Ask your local Instructor if they offer these sessions or add to the search filters.

Ski fit courses

The ski fit course will build your stamina, balance, coordination and overall fitness in readiness for the slopes. Devised by a top ski coach, it will help you strengthen the legs, work on agility and stamina so you can enjoy every minute you are on the slopes. Ask your local Instructor if they offer this bespoke course or add to the search filters.