Nordic Wellbeing Walks

Gentle Pole walking sessions that incorporate gentle pace and use of poles for balance and stability. Great for those who are getting back into exercise, have a health condition or simply want to move well and be fit for life!

Nordic Wellbeing walks

Just a few examples of what might be included in your NORDIC WELLBEING WALKS  – our fully trained Instructors will constantly add variety and progression to make sure you build fitness, improve health, reduce stress and work around any limitations that may be holding you back. Our motto is " Adding years to your life and Life to your years"

Mobility & Breathing Exercises

Our bespoke Nordic wellbeing walks will incorporate joint mobilisation to relieve stiffness and help you enjoy movement whilst your poles help reduce the strain on knees and ankles. Simple breathing exercises also  help improve lung function and promote general wellbeing.

Balance & Falls Prevention

Poles help with stability and our Instructors are trained to help you use the right ones in the correct manner to aid balance. They will also provide exercises to help improve overall balance, posture and general walking techniques. Following our principle that movement is medicine, these drills will help you stay active for longer. Many Instructors are also trained to help with conditions such as Parkinson's disease

Flexibility & Strength

Strength exercises are essential for everyday life as well as helping with toning. We lose lean tissue as we age and the exercises we include in wellbeing walks can help reverse that. This in turn helps with weight loss as lean tissue boosts the metabolism.  Stretching before and after Nordic walking is essential for improving mobility and reducing aches and pains - in these walks, we do a bit more!

Range of Movement

Nordic Walking works the whole body and 90% of the major muscles but we like to also add some other exercises to ensure you increase your full range of movement. Your instructor will add functional exercises to make sure you bend, push, pull, twist and lift your way to optimum fitness

Mindfulness & Relaxation

When we say whole body we mean the mind too. Nordic walking is mood boosting due to its rhythmical action and the fact it is outdoors and in nature. Your Instructor will ensure that your Nordic wellbeing walks  include time to de-stress and re charge.


We link up with local physiotherapists, clinics, occupational therapists and support groups like Parkinson's UK to provide training for the use of poles for rehabilitation and the management of conditions. Part of this process is to signpost the participants to safe, suitable regular pole walking with our groups.