Types of walks

Our groups provide a range of Nordic walking activities for those who have learned how to use poles for maximum effect. They will have Nordic walks that suit everyone! To make it simple for you, we pop them into 3 clear categories to help you find the ones that suit your mood, what you want to achieve and who you want to enjoy Nordic walking with. Further info on every activity helps you to select the right distance, duration and degree of difficulty too.

Nordic wellbeing Walks

Gentle Pole walking sessions that incorporate gentle pace and use of poles for balance and stability if required.  Great for those who are getting back into exercise, have a health condition or simply want to move well and be fit for life! Our Instructors are trained to be able to deliver functional fitness and exercise for the older Adult so it’s never too late to take that first step

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Best for:
Any age individuals looking to get back into exercise, have a health condition or simply want to understand how poles can help you move well, relax and be fit for life!

Nordic workout walks

These Nordic Walking sessions make every step count!  Your qualified Instructor will use a mix of pace drills, strength exercises, pole walking techniques and even the odd hill to help you get fast results from your Nordic Walking. Work on all aspects of fitness and make the most of being outdoors!

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Best for:
Anyone looking for variety and fitness progression to make sure you improve your fitness, tone and keep the weight off!

Nordic adventure walks

Our Adventure walks for Nordic walkers are  simply Nordic Walks in amazing places with like minded people and often a special view, theme or social aspect too! Regular sociable get-togethers to explore your local area and get a workout at the same time courtesy of your poles! Your expert local group will ensure heaps of variety including walks with delicious food, History, Geology or simply stunning locations that are asking to be explored.

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Best for:
Any age individuals seeking to discover new, beautiful areas right on their doorstep, or beyond.

Nordic Walking technique

Our Instructors offer a range of Nordic walking technique instruction sessions from 90 minute Power of Poles beginner sessions to longer 4 session Learn to Nordic walk courses. They will also offer Advanced technique sessions, speedhyking technique sessions for those who want to move quickly with poles and refresher sessions for those who may have Nordic walked before but need an update.

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Best for:
Those who want to perfect the use of poles for performance, challenge training or competition


Take a peek at what you might get up to with one of our friendly groups

For more photos, visit our social media pages to see some of our #nordicwalkinguk member posts and stay up to date with everything NORDIC WALKING

Festival review

I would like to say a very big THANK YOU to you and your team to arrange another fantastic festival. I thoroughly enjoyed the walks and workshops and the company of walkers from different areas.

Ursula Ghaleb

Aiming to reach next birthday!

I love the sessions. You offer a good mix of different sessions each day …I like the fact you give alternative ways to work  - if like me you have a dodgy shoulder . I am certainly much fitter now than I have ever been .. My long term goal is to reach my next birthday!!!!

Regular in Warwickshire

Thanks for the motivation

Thanks for all that you do for all members of the club and your unending enthusiasm and motivational activities, particularly now (during the pandemic), keeping the club members active and engaged and just generally being your usual fabulous self.

Regular walker

Thank you NW Watford

I literally would not have been in such a good place as I am now if it had not been for the regular contact with Nordic Walking Watford. The online challenges and zoom meets during locakdown have meant that I have felt part of what has become a very important group of people to me.  

Watford regular

Message to My Instructor

I just want to say thank you for all the effort you put in to everything you do. Once again you are thinking of lots of extra things to do to keep ‘ your clan’ motivated. It is clear to me and I think to everyone that what you do is much more than your business - more of a passion to help and inspire people. So well done to you and the rest of your team - you’re doing a fantastic job”

Happy walker

I am over 8 stone lighter

I now typically enjoy three walks a week, it really has helped my weight loss, in the first year of my journey I have managed to shed 8 stone and have significantly improved my health, to the point of potentially reversing my heart condition much to the delight of my cardiologist.

Justin, 40s

There's always a variety of walks

My Instructor is really lovely and a patient teacher/leader. She, along with all the others in the team always put on a wide variety of interesting walks to suit different levels of stamina and ability. The company is always great and the views are wonderful, even when it’s pouring down (as long as you are dressed appropriately for the weather).

hmmm, 60+

I encourage you to join!

I'd like to encourage people to join, I re started walking with this group last July and despite lockdowns have become so much fitter (and slimmer), exercising outdoors with other people is fab and you get to see bits of the local area you never knew existed (despite living here all my life!) You will have lots of fun at the same time as getting fitter and making friends

Lesley, 40+

A workout that's not a workout!

I HATE to exercise-- but I quite like walking! So, why not turn "just walking" into "exercise"? With very little instruction necessary, and a small investment in proper Nordic Walking poles, I quickly felt secure in the technique. Now-- every time I need to go out (or sometimes just for fun! Imagine!!) I take my poles with me and really WALK! It feels like a workout without BEING workout! Hurrah!!”

Theatre worker, 60+

Great experience with my local group

On both walks we have felt welcomed and at ease with the group, it has been a pleasure walking with them while having a few laughs along the way. At no time were we made to feel awkward or uncomfortable. We have both enjoyed our initial experiences and will be signing up for other walks over the coming weeks.

Jacqui & John Pedley

A message to my Instructor

You and your team are inspirational and I hope you recognise how much you are both involved in making people aspire and attain a love of being outside, walking and staying healthy.

Happy client

NWUK HQ service is tip top

Thank you so much for such an efficient service for one of my walkers Jo who had kit issues. Your customer care was exemplary and she is raving about you guys 100%.  Brilliant!


WOW what service!

Many thanks for your very swift response, I wish all companies were like you, NWUK store  

Margaret G, n/a