The Benefits of Nordic walking

Nordic walking provides both physical and mental benefits due to it's whole body movement and the fact it is outdoors and in nature.

Suitable for all levels

Works the whole body

Uses 90% of major muscles

Using the correct technique and poles will help you target all of the major upper and lower body muscles with every step. This in turn improves posture, body tone and speeds up metabolism. Great all round fitness with FAST results

Reduces the strain on the back, neck and shoulders too

Takes the weight off lower body

Reduces pressure on joints

Nordic walking poles provide propulsion and also help to spread the load, making you lighter on your feet. This also means you can walk further and faster than usual whilst reducing the pressure on knees, hips and ankles.

Learn how to harness the power of the poles, dont just tap them!

Burns extra calories

Great for weight loss

Working more muscles means using more energy  - it is possible to burn between 20 and 40 % more calories than you would walking without  poles. That's why it is essential you master the correct technique from the start

Safe, motvating sessions that are good for the mind and body

Great for mental health

mood boosting exercise

The mood boosting benefits of exercise are even greater when you are immersed in nature and breathing fresh air. We believe that it is essential to enjoy exercise and have fun in a relaxed sociable group. We take time to breathe deeply and recharge as we take in the views.

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Nordic walkers with Alpacas at the WALX festival

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We know that the secret to making exercise effective is to make it fun! Our groups are trained to build in social events, plenty of variety and constant progression so you never get bored and always get results. Come and meet people just like you who want to be active but in a relaxed fun group. Enjoy being part of a nationwide club with opportunities to join walks all over the UK  

Feel the fun!

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Our partners support us in wanting to encourage you to be active outdoors - Enjoy access to some amazing locations with our venue partners like Forestry England and the RSPB plus discounts with our many retail partners too. On top of that, our smilage scheme will ensure you gain rewards with every step you take. There is nothing as rewarding as a nordic walk with one of our groups

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Nordic walking in London park

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Our mission is to encourage people to Nordic walk as much as possible, that's why our groups offer LOW cost monthly plans (unlimited walks) and pre-payment discounts. Exercise should be a habit and we are here to make it as cheap as possible but provide exceptional value for money  with every step

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The Pandemic has proven without doubt that exercise is ESSENTIAL but you may feel cautious about exercising indoors. Our classes are delivered OUTSIDE and we have strict COVID secure protocols in place. We are here to help you be fitter than ever as safely as possible. All participants complete a Physical activity readiness questionnaire plus covid checks

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