Nordic walking poles

Everything you need to know about Nordic walking poles, how they differ form trekking poles, how to choose the right ones and getting the right size.

nordic walking poles with traditional straps

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Nordic walking poles

The basics

Nordic Walking poles are specifically designed to provide forward propulsion when used at an angle. The Nordic walker uses the 'glove like'  strap or ergonomic total body walking handle to 'push' into in order to gain this power

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Nordic Walking Poles getting the right height

Nordic walking pole height

How to adjust them

Nordic walking poles are in essence used as an extension to your arms in order to help you become a 4 x 4 - to that end, you need to make sure they are the right height to gain maximum performance and avoid injury

total body walking poles for nordic walking

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Nordic Walking Poles understanding glove straps

Nordic walking pole straps

How they differ

Nordic walking poles differ from trekking or hiking poles because they do not have a simple loop strap. If you want to gain the power of poles via Nordic walking technique, you need to select poles with a glove like strap or ergonomic total body walking handle

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Nordic walking pole shafts

Carbon or Aluminium?

Nordic Walking poles can be made of a variety of materials but the most common are aluminium and carbon. Good quality aluminium poles are ideal  for regular use. Whilst  carbon poles can provide less vibration and a superior Nordic walking experience they are less eco friendly.

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Types of Nordic walking poles

Fully Adjustable

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Fully adjustable Nordic walking poles, adjust in the CENTRE of the shaft and have TWO sections. They typically range from 105 - 130 cms and adjust via twist or click lock so you can get the precise height for you Check out our videos on how to adjust poles for the right height and the difference between twist and click lock plus what to do if your poles won't adjust! These are the most popular Nordic walking poles  

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Extendable poles are also in TWO sections but the adjustment is usually closer to the handle which helps to reduce vibration.  This means the bottom section is longer and the pole is more like a fixed length pole but with the benefit that it can be adjusted to the perfect height. Many extendable poles also have a carbon bottom section so they are a really good investment for the discerning Nordic walker.

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These poles will break down smaller for portability and typically form THREE sections. It's worth noting that vibration can be increased if a pole is telescopic so it is wise to choose carbon if you are going to use them regularly. Some poles have twist lock adjusters and the three sections come fully apart whilst others (mainly lightweight trail poles)  have a central cord that holds them together when broken down Great for travel and will fit into a suitcase when broken into three

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These poles have a moulded handle which helps place the pole at the correct angle for Nordic walking and help the user master the technique and correct wrist angle. They allow the user to push into them whilst walking naturally which provides propulsion and encourages good armswing. They are ideal for all levels of fitness walking. They are also suitable for those seeking stability and where being strapped to a pole would not be advised. Great for hikers too

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