Nordic Technique

Nordic Walking is what we do best! We have been involved in its development since 2004 and are the creators of the unique 'gear' system, Freedom passport and Power of Poles course. We match technique to your fitness and goals and make it fun too

Nordic Technique

Just a few examples of what might be included in Nordic Technique sessions – if you are new to pole walking we can teach you how to master the right technique with the right poles for you - if you are a regular 'poler' you can perfect your skills.

Power of Poles Induction Course

Find out how to use fitness walking poles to achieve the results YOU want. This course will help you understand how to select the right kind of poles and use them for health, fitness, fun or challenges. Broken into 2 x 1.5 hours sessions ( the second being optional) this course will ensure you get the correct movement and techniques from the start and progress to part two to gain more advanced skills.

nordic walking poles with traditional straps

Power of Poles Session Two

For those who have completed the Power of Poles intro course and want to practice, perfect and explore how to get more out of using Nordic style strapped poles. Drills and more advanced technique tuition. Your Instructor will help you gain a more comprehensive understanding of poles and how to maximise them for everything from fitness walking to running. This session involves plenty of practice, fault correction and personal guidance in order to leave you with a great understanding of using poles for progression, fitness and results.

Advanced technique

Advanced technique training is a great way to perfect your technique as your fitness improves. The sessions include a 'check my tech' evaluation and your Instructor will discuss what you want to gain from using poles. Excursions, fitness, performance and challenges or simply maximum results.


Speedhyking is a fast growing form of hiking at speed that is building a fan base world wide!  Master how to use poles when moving swiftly across a variety of terrain from slopes and scree to sand and moorland. This course teaches you to use the right poles, how to adjust them and use them wisely when moving at speed Includes running with poles and other techniques for covering the ground swiftly

Nordic wellbeing induction

If you want to explore the use of poles for balance, rehabilitation or health, ask your Instructor for a wellbeing induction that will be suited to your needs. Many of them offer regular wellbeing sessions and if you think a Power of Poles course is a step too far for you at this stage, they will invite you to learn at your own pace within those sessions