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Become one of our Instructors and help change people's lives, including your own. Everybody has a different reason why they would like to become an instructor. Our job is to help you gain the right level of training so you can help others change their lives. Whether you have never done anything like this before, you want a Career change, work part-time, run a Full on Business, WE have the training Academy to help.

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Nordic Walking Instructor

Teach Nordic Walking Technique

This is for those who simply want to be able to teach others how to use poles effectively and have a good personal understanding of Nordic Walking techniques.

  • Pilates Instructors or Personal Trainers who want to introduce Nordic walking to their clients

  • Health club, Hotel or Spa/Retreat teams

  • Those who simply want to teach Nordic walking technique but not commit to setting up a full NWUK Nordic walking group with a full range of weekly walks or use of our systems.

  • International learners who want to adopt our unique methods but where full use of our programmes and portal may not be feasible.

Nordic walking expert Martin Christie from WALX

Comprehensive training
Be able to deliver a wide range of walking nordic walking, and outdoor exercise programmes PLUS adapt them for every participant. Click here for more Info

WALX Diploma

Become a WALX Master

This is without doubt the most comprehensive Fitness and Nordic Walking Instructor qualification available. So much more than just teaching technique, the course combines in-depth knowledge of the latest  fitness walking and Nordic walking techniques, with a structured delivery plan to give you the skills to set up, promote and maintain an outdoor health and fitness club suitable for all levels. 

All graduates leave with the training, systems and tools required to launch and deliver award-winning WALX programmes straight away!

This is not simply training so it’s only suitable for those who are serious about delivering our proven programmes and changing lives as part of our supportive network. Those who complete the Diploma gain a choice of 4  FREE WALX cpd modules such as functional fitness for the older adult, yoga WALX or Strength and Conditioning.

Nordic walking expert leading parkinsons UK group

Leading Tutors with latest techniques
Monthly On line training dates for individuals or bespoke training arranged to to suit your team. Click here for more Info

Pole Walking for Rehabilitation

Specialists & Medical Conditions

Dynamic eveidence based ergonomic handled poles are revolutionising pole walking for rehabilitation and balance conditions. Motivate your clients/patients while significantly improving treatment outcomes for balance, core strength, posture, endurance; reducing impact on lower extremities and joints; and promoting functional gait patterns.

Learn how the Xcelerator poles for a range of patient cohorts from those with Neurological conditions to lower limb rehabilitation and general exercise referral. Designed in the UK by leading experts in pole walking and exercise referral.

Walking with these poles has many benefits compared to passive mobility devices such as walking sticks ; and can be introduced to reduce the use of crutches and strollers, when appropriate.

Used extensively in programmes for Parkinson’s Disease, MS, stroke rehabilitation, osteoporosis, recovery from surgery and falls prevention. Our team have delivered training for Parkinson’s UK and over 200 NHS or community based teams  as well as independent clinics.

Community Projects
Changing people's lives, in the Community. We support over 200 community programmes with training, poles and advice. Click here for more Info

Community Projects

Changing People's lives in THEIR Community

The Community WALX training course focuses on the use of strapless fitness walking poles , for the easier learning journey and faster results for participants than using strapped Nordic style poles. This simplified total body walking technique pioneered by our team here at WALX encourages almost immediate uptake, minimising the customer concerns of “I can’t get this technique”.

Having delivered to hundreds of community groups, we know this approach is more suited to those with health or balance issues and reduces the risk of falls which can be exacerbated when participants are strapped to the poles. Recent community programme examples have seen improved adherence rates due to faster results and increased sense of achievement. The poles have wipe clean handles which are more suited to safe COVID secure protocols.Community Projects

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Explore our amazing Walks across the UK - APP now available

Adventure walks

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From one hour Nordic walks  in your local country park to a half day in the hills, our Nordic Adventure walks  capture the variety of scenery, themes and types of Nordic walks that suit your lifestyle. Nordic Walks to the cafe, Nordic walks along the canal, Nordic walks to the Pub or simply Nordic walks in wild locations we have them all!

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Wellbeing walks

More Info:
Gentle nordic walks that incorporate balance work, flexibility and strength exercises and maybe a bit of relaxation too. Great for those who are getting back into exercise, have a health condition or simply want to move well and be fit for life! Our wellbeing Instructors are qualified to deliver walks for all levels so it’s never too late to take that first step.  

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Workout walks

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These Nordic walks make every step count! Nordic workout walks are a unique mix of drills, strength exercises, plus the use of nordic walking poles for pace and technique.  Delivered by our fully qualified Instructors who will plan Nordic workouts that include all aspects of fitness and make the most of being active outdoors!

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Nordic Technique

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Nordic walking  technique sessions include initial tuition courses like the Power of poles but also advanced technique sessions. Our Instructors will cover the use of strapless and strapped poles plus speedhyking (moving at speed with poles) and training for challenge walks. This is all about using Nordic Technique to "Turn a Walk into a Workout"

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