What is Nordic Walking?

Nordic walking is a specific pole walking technique which harnesses the power of the upper body to turn walking into a workout! It can be adapted for anybody and be done anywhere!

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Nordic Walking

The History

Nordic walking was originally a summer training regime for cross country skiers – this fairly intensive whole body technique first became an exercise programme in Finland back in the 1990s and it has gradually been adapted over the years to be more inclusive and suitable for all levels.

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Nordic technique

Why is it different?

Unlike like trekking or hiking with two poles, Nordic walking is all about forward propulsion rather than stability on rough ground. It is important to use the correct types of poles which are always planted at an angle with a full upper body movement  that harnesses the power of the chest and shoulders as well as the arms. This action involves a straight armswing, good stride and a roll through the foot. This in turn engages 90% of the major muscles and shares the load between upper and lower body.

Every step you take becomes a full body exercise which includes the core and of course your heart and lungs!

It can only be achieved with NW poles or total body walking poles designed for the action!

nordic walking poles with traditional straps

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Nordic walking poles

The key features

Traditional Nordic walking poles will have a glove style strap or more recently an ergonomic handle designed to enable the same movement. Both are used to literally push into in order to gain forward propulsion. They typically come in pairs and will have removable rubber 'paws' for use on hard surfaces which are shaped in order to grip when the pole is planted at the correct angle. Our experts can advise you which are right for you

Work your whole body with every step and burn more calories too

Why Nordic walk?

Turn a walk into a workout

Nordic walking can be as cardiovascular as running but feels easier because the poles provide propulsion making you lighter on your feet. It tones the whole body and improves posture too, so we liken it to using a cross trainer machine in the gym - only we are in the great outdoors with fresh air and nature!

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Benefits of Nordic walking

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nordic walking poles with traditional straps
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