Warwickshire Nordic Walking

Warwickshire Nordic Walking

This is a regional page of supported independent instructors in this area – please see the team section below to see who they are or search for instructors in your area.

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Meet the Team

Emma White

Role: WALX Master - Instructor

Emma is passionate about the benefits of exercise and encouraging those of all abilities to become more active, fitter and energised through Nordic Walking in the Warwickshire countryside. She will encourage and support you to reach your goals. It is great fun and social and would encourage anyone to have a go and begin to feel the benefits which can be life changing.

Ian Northcott

Role: Instructor

Ian is passionate that every human being is given the opportunity to achieve their potential. Fitness goals can be achieved in a fun way in the best gym of all – the great outdoors!

A retired police officer, Ian used to be a police self defence instructor and is trained as a Boxercise instructor and an indoor rowing coach. He is a gentle giant who is extremely supportive of his participants. (A fact well documented by graduates and members of Mercian Nordic Walking).

Ali Armitage

Role: Instructor

Nordic Walking is an outdoor exercise, providing increased levels of fitness, its fun, its socialable and it can be done by people of all abilities.

I run classes at Draycote Water and Daventry Country Park – so if you live in and around Rugby or Daventry, hopefully one of those locations will suit.

Campbell Scott

Role: Instructor

I come from a farming background so have always loved the great outdoors. Despite being active and always dieting, I have also always been overweight. Nordic Walking for me is the perfect exercise to help me keep fit and at the same time, explore nature.

I actually find exercising at a gym or health club quite boring, so the attraction of walking through the countryside with all its different scenes and episodes keeps me “entertained” while I walk.

Nordic walking is equally good for people who are very fit and for people who are trying to get very fit because you can vary the effort level even within the same group to ensure that everyone is working at the optimum level.

Tracey West

Role: Instructor

Want to work on your fitness outdoors? Learn how to nordic walk can give you a complete low impact workout. I offer opportunities for beginners to learn how to nordic walk. Fitness and adventure walks for the experienced nordic walker and one to one walks.

When I’m not nordic walking I am a health and wellness coach specialising in weight management, energy levels, exercise routines and supporting lifestyle behaviour and habit change.