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I started Nordic walking  12 years ago when I moved into Thorpe. I have always been active but wanted to do an outdoors activity with the Peak District on our doorstep. Now I am going out for a Nordic walk in every kind of weather and certatainly agree with the slogan: “Nordic Walking turns a walk into a workout walk”

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November news


Autumn has definitely started with rain, wind and cooler temperatures, this also brings back the mud. Be prepared for this, it might be slippery during the walk. But we still can have sunny weather, so please carry a small backpack or bum bag and bring some water. Photos from recent walks: on top of Musden Low,

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Meet the Team

Janneke Gorzeman

Role: Instructor

Janneke Gorzeman has practiced Nordic Walking since 2009 and is a fully qualified Instructor.

Janneke lives in Thorpe, a few miles from Ashbourne and half a mile from Dovedale with the famous stepping stones and Thorpe Cloud.

In 2015 Janneke won the ladies Nordic Walking 21 km race of the Swiss Alpine Marathon event in Davos. Janneke has also completed several marathons using the Nordic Walking technique.


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Janneke's celebration walk

Dear Janneke  I hope your evening went well. Congratulations you have given many a new outlook and adventure on daily living. I am recovering very well, one thing I have learnt is to slow down and respect myself. Nordic walking for me has enabled me to build up my strength slowly in my own time in my own space ready to rejoin my group soon. Janneke your great, have a lovely day And see you soon. Love MAGGIE x


Thank you

Hello Janneke,

Thank you for the to the introduction to Nordic walking on the Power of Poles intro course on Wednesday.
I really enjoyed the basics of learning to Nordic walk and found that  being able to try different poles was very useful and will help in deciding which poles to buy. The change over of poles certainly seemed to make a difference as I found the gloved poles more comfortable . I hope to gain more experience and Nordic walk as part of my weekly fitness routine.
Thank you also for all the information you have sent me which is very useful, I have also changed my package to prepaid.
For my free walk could I book in for Thursday 4th Nov at 11am. I will perhaps do the power of poles 2 at a later date.


Thank you

Hi Janneke,
I thoroughly enjoyed learning how to Nordic Walk with you. It was good being able to try a couple of pole styles and I look forward to trying the other makes when we walk together next time.
Using the poles has certainly given me the confidence to walk a bit further and for longer since recovering from a broken leg.