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Nordic Walking is an exercise practice that is a safe and sociable way to improve your health, your fitness and your well-being. Nordic Walking is a total body version of walking, using the special Nordic Walking poles to exercise and strengthen your upper body and legs, as well as your improving your posture.

Athletes use it as an effective training regime, and for the rest of us it is an excellent all-round energising exercise – great for toning your muscles and helping you to lose weight. 

If you are looking to lose weight, get fitter, cross-train, meet new friends, enjoy the outdoors or simply enjoy a sociable outdoor activity, Nordic walking fits the bill.

Once you have learnt the simple basic technique you will be able to join many of our walks and fitness sessions, all structured to help you with your fitness ambitions.

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Stephen Knight

Role: Instructor

Getting fit with poles! Nordic Walking lifts the spirits and energises you.

After courses of radiotherapy, a couple of bouts of bacterial flu and the removal of a bit of my insides, it was taking a bit longer than I wanted to get properly back on my feet. Daily walks just didn’t do it and being shut inside a noisy gym was not my style.

I came across Nordic Walking at a country show and liked the idea of getting a workout at the same time as a sociable outdoor walk.

Well-organised training in the technique gave me the confidence to give it a go, and I loved it. In fact I enjoyed it so much that I decided to become a Nordic Walking UK instructor, trained to standards that are UK government recognised. I can’t recommend it highly enough.

As well as getting – and keeping – you fit, it gets you out in the fresh air, and introduces you to new friends. What’s not to like?