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We are a friendly group of instructors & walk leaders who love to share our passion for Nordic Walking and helping people to achieve their goals.

MK Nordic Walking offers a comprehensive programme of group walks and technique courses in the Milton Keynes and Woburn areas. We have a variety of walks to suit ALL levels of fitness and ability and we walk all year round, come rain or shine.

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FREE Webinar with the Nordic Walking experts


FREE webinar on NORDIC WALKING 15th May 7 pm Join the experts and founders of Nordic Walking UK to find out about the poles, technique and benefits of this amazing whole body activity. Martin Christie who brought Nordic walking to the UK in 2004 and Gill Stewart author of the complete guide to Nordic walking

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FREE Webinar with the Nordic Walking experts


FREE webinar on NORDIC WALKING 15th May 7 pm Join the experts and founders of Nordic Walking UK to find out about the poles, technique and benefits of this amazing whole body activity. Martin Christie who brought Nordic walking to the UK in 2004 and Gill Stewart author of the complete guide to Nordic walking […]

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Nordic Walking the Park Run


Join us to Nordic Walk the Milton Keynes, Willen Lake, Park Run alternate Saturday mornings. In October 2022, Organisers of the well known ‘Park Run’, a worldwide organisation, actively promoted WALKING at Park Run. So, the ‘Purple Ones’ decided to give it a go – and LOVED it! It’s a 5km route that ALL of […]

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What IS Nordic Walking?


Nordic walking is a specific pole walking technique which harnesses the power of the upper body to turn walking into a workout! It can be adapted for anybody and be done anywhere!   NORDIC WALKING “The History” Nordic walking was originally a summer training regime for cross country skiers – this fairly intensive whole body […]

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Meet the Team

Emma Wrighton

Role: Instructor

Emma has an art and design background, originally training as a textile designer. Having worked in the greeting card industry for over 20 years, Emma’s long standing passion for the outdoors has finally tempted her away from her desk and out into the countryside.

An enthusiastic ‘holiday walker’, around the stunning landscape of the South West, Emma was introduced to Nordic Walking several years ago by her inspirational personal trainer, Karen Lem of local WALX Ridgeway.

Emma soon realised the importance and substantial health benefits that Nordic Walking can offer to all ages and abilities. Training, initially as a walk leader, before progressing to instructor, Emma’s aim is to motivate and encourage everyone to live a happy, healthy and active life, recognising the importance of green space interaction in our daily lives.

Wanting to share this enthusiasm, Emma’s walks are designed to challenge and inspire the body and mind and always with a SMILE!

Karen Lem

Role: Instructor

After 20 years in co-orporate business Karen decided to follow her passion – Fitness and Wellbeing.

Since 2006 Karen has become an accomplished Personal trainer, Pilates instructor, Nordic Walking Instructor as well as WALX Master, aiming to inspire and motivate anyone wanting to feel good about themselves, their health and their body. Karen has an enthusiastic and infectious approach suitable for all age groups and all goals. Her real passion is to be outdoors, so Nordic Walking is an essential part of both her business and personal stay healthy regime.
Karen also delivers our ONLINE Pilates and Stretch classes via Zoom.

Ursula Ghaleb

Role: Walk Leader

I was a keen and regular runner for the last 15 years. In January 2018 my running career came to a sudden halt due to osteoarthritis in my hip and I felt totally lost no longer being actively involved in any outdoor activities.

After some searching on the internet I came across Milton Keynes Nordic Walking. I completed my ‘Learn to Nordic Walk’ course in October 2018 and have not looked back since! I am passionate about Nordic Walking as it has given me a new lease of life and am so happy that I am able to do workouts without pain, knowing that I do not damage my hip any further.

When Emma asked if I would consider becoming a ‘Walk Leader’ I had to say YES! We can now add extra walks to our MK schedules and introduce more people to Nordic Walking in Milton Keynes.

Not only has Nordic Walking given me opportunities to discover the beautiful surroundings of Milton Keynes and beyond, but I have also met fantastic, like-minded people who appreciate the countryside and love being outside while getting and keeping fit.


from members of Milton Keynes Nordic Walking

Nordic Walking has changed my life!

Nordic Walking and the friendship of my local group has literally changed my life for the better! To walk and chat or not chat, everyone is always welcome without any judgement. We all have the love of walking and being outside in common, anything else will follow. Try Nordic Walking!


Not enough words to describe the benefits..

I can't think of the words to describe what Nordic Walking has done for me and what it can do for you. Simply put, I am the person I am today because of it and the brilliant people I walk with.


Loving the additional social events

Good company! As many, I'm more inclined to get out and exercise/walk with friends than on my own. Love the additional social events as well - like a well earned drink, lunch or cake. Everyone was really patient and helpful when I started, it only took a couple of walks to really feel completely part of 'Team Purple'.


Team Purple!

I joined the group to improve my fitness but MK Nordic Walking has given me soo much more! A Team Purple family of friends. Great walks, new friends and Cake!


A year on and I'm still Loving Nordic Walking!

I've been Nordic Walking with MK Nordic Walking for well over a year now and still loving EVERY Walk.The group has grown in size as have the variety of walks offered. There's distance, terrain and a speed to suit EVERYONE. Such a cross section of people, making every walk a complete pleasure. Emma's an inspirational Instructor.


Benefits to Mental Health are Amazing!

It is great to get out with like minded people to enjoy the lovely countryside around us. The benefits to your mental health from being outside with lovely people is amazing! It is a great way to unwind and relax, and get exercise. Emma and her walk leaders are all lovely and friendly, welcoming to newbies and encouraging when you don't think your technique is quite right or you are at the right pace. Would definitely recommend if you are looking to try something NEW.


Lovely, sociable outdoor exercise, Give it a Go!

MK Nordic Walking is a lovely, sociable way of enjoying the great outdoors and exploring parts of Milton Keynes that many people don't know exist! We have a fantastic instructor who challenges the group and it's a brilliant way of exercising outdoors! Give it a Go!


The Power of Poles!

Absolutely BRILLIANT Fun! Looking forward to joining many more walks. Thanks to our welcoming & friendly Instructor, Emma


Welcomed into the group with open arms

3 years ago I learnt to Nordic Walk with MK Nordic Walking, it's the most wonderful experience I've had. Being in my late 70's I was uncertain about joining as most of the photos were of ladies 15-20yrs my junior, but I was welcomed into the group with open arms and have enjoyed the walking experience. There are no barriers that cannot be overcome with this wonderful group of 'Purple People'. *Emma - Happy to say, we have many more chaps walking with us now Tony!


A Workout in a Walk!

Started Nordic Walking 6 years ago as I loved walking and was looking for something to add to my gym routine to improve fitness. Dropped 2 dress sizes! and now dropped the gym too. You really can't beat fresh air exercise with a wonderful, fun, encouraging and inspiring group of like minded walkers. MK Nordic Walking has walk levels to suit ALL abilities and everyone is soo friendly and welcoming. As my fitness levels have improved I'm now pushing my Walking Workout further participating in distance challenges as well as raising money for charities - Can't recommend MK Nordic Walking enough!


Nordic Walking is for everyone

Inclusivity, Nordic Walking is for everyone, whatever your age or fitness. Being outdoors with a great group of people makes it fun...AND we're getting fit! The best move I ever made was joining the 'Purple People'.


Good times...

Great venues, fun group, always talking - Good Times. The Nordic Walking isn't too shabby either! (I think that's a complement, ha ha, Emma)


A workout for the mind, body and soul

A wonderful group of people, very welcoming and always with a good 'Nordic Natter' along the way. Terrific way to meet new people and a GREAT way to improve your fitness!


Who knew that exercise could be such FUN!

The 'Purple People' are an amazing, inclusive group. Being at one with nature certainly raises my spirits, even in the worst of the weather, with the occasional coffee and cake being an added bonus! Nordic Walking is the perfect package!


A friendly, inclusive group...

MK Nordic Walking is just such a friendly, inclusive group. I've never stuck at any form of exercise, ever, but here I am 2 years later, and still absolutely loving it! There really is something for everyone, whatever your fitness level.


Exercise in the fresh air!

Nordic Walking is fun because of the lovely people you walk with. It helps your fitness because of the overall exercise, it makes you feel good because you are outside in the fresh air (whatever the weather) - what's not to like?


Adventure walks at 74yrs!

I was 70yrs when I started Nordic Walking and loved it! Now 74yrs, nearly 75yrs, back to Adventure walks at Howe Park Wood after a bit of a break with a painful shoulder, soo glad to be back for fun, laughter and exercise. You can join at any level, work your way up from Gentle, Wellbeing walks, there is a walk for everyone. Looking forward to my next walk at the weekend.


Wonderful people and beautiful countryside!

Nordic Walking for me is a whole body workout, with wonderful people in beautiful countryside. We chat and laugh and take opportunities to enjoy a cuppa and cake together. There are walks for EVERY level. Love our walkers and walk leaders.


Best thing about our group is the people (and the walks!)

An amazing variety of people on our walks. Whatever your age, interests, male or female, everyone is very welcoming. We are maybe not what you might think of as a typical walking group, we are very lighthearted and fun and always have a good laugh. Our walk leader is fab and fun and does lots of different walks catering for ALL.