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FREE webinar on NORDIC WALKING 15th May 7 pm

Join the experts and founders of Nordic Walking UK to find out about the poles, technique and benefits of this amazing whole body activity. Martin Christie who brought Nordic walking to the UK in 2004 and Gill Stewart author of the complete guide to Nordic walking will expel the myths and help you getthe correct advice for YOU!


Avoid the risk of outdated or unsafe videos and cheap poles that don’t provide propulsion. This FREE 1 hour session will answer all your questions and make sure you get the full benefit of walking with two poles!  Including how to access the correct tuition, adapting the technique for the results you want and making sure you have the right poles for you.

” I have been involved in Nordic Walking and its evolution for over 20 years and I  get concerned when I hear of people trying to learn from short videos on line. Often the techniques are outdated and not relevant to the needs of the individual plus don’t get me started on the myths about fixed length poles or the amount of poles which are made for trekking but come up under searches for nordic walking! Having trained thousands of Instructors and delivering weekly to my own group in London, I want to make sure people gain propulsion, upper body and core engagement with every step they take.

Martin Christie 

With a background in physical activity promotion, exercise referral and holistic approaches to wellbeing, I believe that using two poles correctly is the most adaptable, affordable and effective way to exercise. However, I also know that it’s virtually impossible to teach yourself correctly and that the motivation and support you gain from just 90 minutes with a trained Instructor can be life changing. At Nordic Walking UK and WALX we look at ways to help people get maximum benefits as simply and affordably as possible with the added bonus of a network of amazing friendly groups to make it enjoyable too.

Gill Stewart

Join us to find out how to start your nordic walking journey or even get back into nordic walking in a way that works….

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