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My aim as an instructor is to inspire more people to be become more active and to love the sense of ‘feel good’ that exercise instills. Nordic walking (not to be confused with trekking, hill walking or rambling) uses 90% of your muscles – it truly is a workout that tones the whole body – it’s as simple as that!

The benefits are huge… -It burns 46% more calories than ordinary walking -It increases your energy levels -It helps you tone up and GET FIT -It’s great for neck, shoulder and back problems -It’s easy on the knees and joints -It’s suitable for all ages and all levels of ability -It’s green exercise – turning the Great Outdoors into a gym. -It’s FUN!

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Hello Norfolk Nordic Walkers, Happy April to you all!  As per, tonnes going on this month as we literally SPRING into Spring.  Along with the usual buzzy programme of walks – catering for all levels of walker, we also have 18 of us heading to Hunstanton for our first Norfolk Nordic Walking Weekend away.  All

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Weekend Walks of interest…& more!  Hello Norfolk Nordic Walkers, A quick Sunday touch base with you all about our forthcoming Weekend Walks.   We have a wonderful smorgasbord of walks taking us across Norfolk.  We also have 3 Saturday walks which are open to everyone BUT will also serve as MND Half Marathon Training Walks […]

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Happy 2024 Norfolk Nordic Walkers! It’s a brand new year – and even though your trousers (like mine) may be feeling a tad snug after the Christmas / New Year festivities, fear not.  We are ready to embrace the elements, explore new routes, zip up the gaiters, weather the muddy tracks and HIT / HIIT […]

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YOU TRAIN – YOU GAIN! In the build up to taking part in the September Positive Steps Coastal Marathon, Rachel and I trained over the summer to get our legs ready for 26 miles.  After enjoying Saturday walks with up to 15 people, we would then set out and add on the miles to the […]

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Meet the Team

Rebecca Wheatley

Role: Norfolk Nordic Walking Owner / Instructor

I am passionate about exercise and always have been.  I simply love being outside and embracing the elements – whether on foot, on my bike or in the past, as a long distance runner.  When I started to suffer from “runner’s knee” as a result of training for marathons I looked at other options which would give me the buzz of running but without the impact on my joints.  That is when I came upon Nordic Walking, and I haven’t looked back since!  In fact I loved it so much, I gave up my job as a full-time teacher to set up Norfolk Nordic Walking in 2017 and it’s just gone from strength to strength from there….

I love waking up each day and walking in some of the loveliest places Norfolk has to offer with amazing, wonderful people.  I enjoy motivating people to come outside, engage in nature’s green gym and to love the ‘feel good’ factor of exercising together, in all weathers.

I offer varied sessions to cater for all different fitness levels. We are all different so ‘one size’ does not fit all.  From Well Being Walks to Workout Walks via Cardio Zoom Workouts, there’s no doubt that at NORFOLK NORDIC WALKING we offer a brilliant variety of activities, six days a week.

This really is the best job in the world!


Becky Sewell

Role: Norfolk Nordic Walking Walk Leader

I took up Nordic Walking as a way to motivate myself to lose weight and get fit.  When I started, I used to be at the back of the group, but I loved the chat and the hour just flew by.  Soon I was coming twice a week and I found I was often heading up to the front and enjoying renewed energy.  I even found myself signing up for Half Marathon training with Rebecca – which I would never ever have dreamed of doing. It was like a new me was emerging.

In 2019 I could see Rebecca’s groups were expanding so I volunteered to help in what ever way I could. I started off back marking, but soon Rebecca suggested I lead an walk once a week, and it just started from there.  I now run a regular group over in Reepham every Wednesday and I’m always up for recce-ing brand new walks in various locations across Norfolk.  Favourites include: Dead Man’s Gully, Gressenhall – Wensum Valley and my Marriott’s Way Circulars.

I love being part of the NORFOLK NORDIC WALKING team.  It’s brilliant.


Lynne Davies

Role: Norfolk Nordic Walking Walk Leader

I have always been an outdoors kind of person.  I am not put off by bad weather – you just layer up don’t you?  There are so many places to discover in the UK but Norfolk in particular is a gem.  Such diverse terrain and countryside.  I like nothing more than packing up my camper van and heading out onto the open road with my walking boots packed and ready for action!  We are lucky to live here.

I took up Nordic Walking to see what all the fuss was about.  I immediately got it.  I like to walk briskly but this felt exhilarating – and I definitely could see how it turns the walk into a cardio workout.  I also liked the fact there are so many walks to choose from in the NNW Weekly Schedule. I soon was finding I was joining at least 3 a week.

I became a Walk Leader in 2020.  Being part of the team is fab.  We share ideas, workshop new routes and share a passion for Nordic-ing. It’s great!


John Davis

Role: Norfolk Nordic Walking Walk Leader

Nordic Walking took me by surprise. I came along for a very wet and soggy taster session and was somewhat dubious about ‘walking with sticks’ but I soon was hooked. It was so different to what I thought it was going to be.  It engages the upper body muscles and the poles really push you along.  I soon was enjoying feeling fitter than I had felt in ages – and pushed myself to join the faster Workout Walks.  I have trained for 4 half marathons with the Norfolk Walking Team and also completed the 18 Mile Bury to Clare Challenge in 2021.

I joined the team in 2018 and love leading walks.  I am also a City of Norwich Tour Guide so have led some memorable (non-Nordic) historical walks for our walkers – always ending with a pub lunch!  If you feel curious about what Nordic Walking can do for you, come and try it out.  You may be very pleasantly surprised.  I was!



from members of Norfolk Nordic Walking

Choices Choices!!!!

Just look at the Norfolk Nordic Walking Weekly Schedule!  There's workout walks, adventure walks, Gear 2 plus sessions, gentler walks, heritage walks, Car Boot Cafe walks and long distance weekend specials.  Plus daily Zoom classes with everything from Kettlercise to Body Blitz.  Variety is the spice of life - you never ever get bored at NNW.  So much on offer - and with friendly wonderful folk.  It's great...

Sara, 51

From 1mph to 3mph

I was seriously out of puff when I started Nordic Walking and could just about complete one mile in the hour.  Rebecca was full of encouragement which helped and put me in the right group for my fitness level.  She knew how to motivate me without putting me off! So, I kept at it and committed to two gentle Well-Being Walks a week - come rain or shine.  Gradually I could walk for longer without needing to stop.     Now I am up to 3mph and I'm pretty good at hills too.  I would not miss my Nordic Walks for anything.

Mike, 72

Exploring Norfolk - there's so much to see (on foot!)

I don't really get on with maps.  I like to explore but I can find I get lost and find myself in the middle of nowhere.  Joining Norfolk Nordic Walking has been perfect as I get to discover new places and not worry about where I left the car.  There's always such a brilliant variety of Saturday Specials that I think I've discovered places whilst out Nordic-ing that I have never ever heard of.  It's a proper adventure and the best thing is, we usually end up in a cafe or a pub too.  What a way to enjoy Saturdays and keep fit too.

Susie, 43

Exercising with friends - even in lockdowns!

You know, I absolutely loved our Zoom Workouts during the Covid  lockdowns.  We did two a day, and I would see everyone in Zoom Land so I didn't feel unconnected even when we couldn't group walk.  At least 30 of us would join each class - and lots of us wore our purple Norfolk Nordic Walking t-shirts! We certainly stayed fit, and it kept me sane.  Each morning at 9am we'd "Zoom In" and the next hour would fly by.  When we were allowed to re-group it felt like we hadn't been apart.  Where would we be without our Nordic Walking camaraderie?

Ann, 68

I did a half marathon!!!!

If you told me five years ago I would take part in the Marriott's Way Half Marathon with over 30o trail runners I would have laughed for ages.  That was just not something I ever saw myself doing.  Not in a million years.  But once I started Nordic Walking twice a week after work with Rebecca I started to lose weight, even bought lycra leggings, and started to increase my speed.  I got better at it.  I felt fitter, happier and even used to take myself out at lunchtimes for an extra Nordic if there was time. Taking part in an organised event with Team NORFOLK NORDIC WALKING was a natural step along the journey I was on.  What a great day!  We smashed the 13.1 miles in 3 hours 20 minutes.  Epic.

Pam, 41

Motivation to move it

Shh. Don't tell Rebecca but I am firstly a golfer.  But I also really like Nordic Walking too.  I need a bit of a cardio push so this is perfect - especially as my weekly walk is at High Ash Farm where there are hills.  In a group you feel motivated to push yourself that bit harder than you normally would. Plus I like the coffee van at the end.  Walk, banter, coffee. Nice !

Doug, 65

I feel fitter than ever

I was never too keen on exercise so gyms were not my thing.  A friend dragged me along to one of Rebecca's Taster Sessions and I couldn't believe how fun it was.  I enjoyed the warm up and soon was feeling my arm muscles working as Rebecca taught us how to use the poles.  Now here I am four years later. I've made lots of friends, dropped two dress sizes, feel full of energy and look forward to my Nordic Walks even if it's raining.  It has changed my life.

Fiona, 54

It's better than cross country skiing!

I had heard a lot about Nordic Walking but I am a skier and I thought the two were poles apart. S'cuse the pun!  I had seen people using poles in the Alps over the summer months and thought it looked great so I joined one of Rebecca's courses.  The poles really work.  You feel lighter, go faster and they push you up hills.  I now take my poles everywhere I go.  I am a convert!

Dave, 49