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In the build up to taking part in the September Positive Steps Coastal Marathon, Rachel and I trained over the summer to get our legs ready for 26 miles.  After enjoying Saturday walks with up to 15 people, we would then set out and add on the miles to the group’s distance (approx 6-8 miles) thinking about hydration (it was summer HOT), fuel (Greek salad wraps worked for us) and footwear.  By the end of August we were up to our final distance of 22 miles and ready for the big day.

On 23rd September we set off with 300 trail runners from Holme Next Sea to Morston.  A truly fabulous route.  We took the first 2 miles steady and then hit the ‘sweet spot’ of 4mph pace for the rest of the way. We came over the finish line (in front of some of the runners) with 6 hours 45 mins on the GPS.  Really chuffed also to share the big day with some of our half marathoners who loved their 13.1 mile adventure.

Did we love it?  Yes.  Will we do it again? Yes.  Will we have a new challenge in 2024……

….YES.  We have signed up for a June 2024 Ultra Marathon!


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