What is the Freedom card

What does the card do?

The FREEDOM card is issued by participating Instructors and groups who deliver the bespoke NWUK ‘Learn to Nordic Walk’ programme. This 4 session course is a standardised format that covers basic technique and makes sure you master how to Nordic walk at the correct level in order to achieve your own personal goals. The FREEDOM card is your PASSPORT to walks and events with participating Instructors across the UK . It proves you have reached the standard to be able to join in with no further tuition and that a fully qualified Instructor has completed a health check and taught you the correct level of Nordic walking for you. Card holders also benefit from a £5 gift voucher and other great offers see our benefits page. benefits page Safety 24 for a year — worth £7.50 The FREEDOM card also comes with the added security of the Safety24 scheme — whilst Nordic walking is a very safe activity, it’s comforting to know that should you have an accident whilst out and about, your card carries a number which provides instant access to a 24 hour support team who will co-ordinate with the emergency services and contact your next of kin. Once you register with safety24 all of your medical information is held securely and can ONLY be accessed by the Emergency services. This service is usually £7.50 but card holders get it for FREE Get Nordic walking Card holders have the FREEDOM to join other groups when on holiday for instance or perhaps access lunchtime walks in one area near to their place of work and others nearer to home in the evenings and weekends. Many card holders simply enjoy the FREEDOM to choose from a range of supervised inspirational walks with their local participating Instructors. Instructors & groups who issue the cards and welcome card holders to their sessions can be found by searching the FIND A CLASS link on this website and making sure they display the NWUK Freedom card icon.
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