Nordic Walking for Teenagers

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We are all aware of how important it is for teens to exercise but it seems that once they get to secondary school, the opportunities for regular exercise dwindle and the digital world we live in means that teens can easily become sedentary – the pandemic has not helped!  Unless your teen is a sporty type who is involved in structured team sports, it can become difficult to make sure they are getting enough exercise. 


Here are just a few of the reasons why Nordic Walking may be great for your teenager……….


Non competitive and no sporting prowess is required:  Not every teenager loves competitive sport and many teenagers shy away as they feel they don’t have any “sporting talent”.  As a result, they may become less likely to engage in sufficient physical activity.  ANYONE can Nordic Walk.  Yes, there is a technique to learn but I have never come across anyone who doesn’t grasp it.  There is no competition involved at all – you are walking with others but not competing against anyone.


Turns a walk into a workout:  Nordic Walking is not just a walk in the park!  It is a technique which engages 90% of your skeletal muscles and is therefore great for burning calories and toning muscles.  It can be done at a fast pace or more gently and is therefore suitable for pretty much anyone!


Boosts a positive mindset and reduces stress:  We are all too aware of how the pandemic has affected young people’s mental health and there are so many triggers for stress in teenagers’ lives – exam pressure, friendship issues, family disagreements, social media……..Exercising outdoors in the “green gym” is well known to be great for releasing endorphins – the happy hormone – expect improved mood and positivity!


Better sleep – teens are notorious for less than perfect sleep routines – going to bed late and not able to get up in the morning!  While the experts don’t recommend vigorous exercise just before bed, moderate exercise in the evening can make it easier to fall asleep and improve overall sleep quality.


Improved concentration in the class room – it’s those hormones again!  Physical activity from Nordic Walking boosts the release of dopamine and serotonin – hormones that affect focus and attention which in turn can improve concentration, motivation and memory!


Better self- image –not only is Nordic Walking a weight bearing exercise which will help strengthen bones and muscles.  It also improves blood circulation which helps skin by delivering more oxygen and nutrients to it.  For a teen this may mean an improved complexion and fewer spots!


Good way to meet people – Nordic Walking is sociable.  You may be walking faster and with a raised heart rate, but you will still be able to chat to others.  It is a great way to make new friends!


I am excited to be launching a series of Nordic Walks for young people aged 14 and over who want to learn a new skill (perhaps for Duke of Edinburgh), enjoy being outdoors and want to meet like- minded teenagers.  Nordic Walking Tonbridge “Teen Walks” start on Tuesday 19 April and will run throughout the Summer Term. 


The walks will take place in various locations in the Tonbridge area.  Each walk will have a different focus of Nordic Walking technique (such as arm swing, planting the pole, using feet, hill technique, gears) and we may also try walking backwards or possibly some map reading.  


Margarita Anderson from Yoga by Margarita will join us on some of the walks and guide us through some yoga practice, mindfulness techniques and challenge us with a bit of problem solving!  Some sessions may even end somewhere for a cold drink or an ice cream!


Above all the walks are designed to be relaxed and fun and a chance to unwind after the school day.


Please contact me directly for information and bookings at


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