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It’s not about winning
And it’s not about losing.
It’s about showing up!
There are 81 days left in 2021. 81 days left to try and complete your #walk1000miles challenge.
A number of our team have already completed – and a number of our team probably won’t (including me!)
Does it matter?
No, it doesn’t because any CHALLENGE is so much more about the “journey” rather than the destination.
One of our team realised a few weeks ago that she wasn’t going to make the 1000 miles. But she didn’t withdraw from the challenge – she stayed in it, knowing that simply having the GOAL made her walk more and whether she actually makes the 1000 miles is immaterial. She will have reaped all the same benefits as someone who does reach it.
So, if you want to try and step over that finish line, then we can help you. We have 22 walks per week – different paces, different distances.
  • Can you squeeze another walk in somewhere?
  • Can you do two a day?
  • Can you join one of our longer walks?
But is close, good enough? Yes, it absolutely is!
And we will celebrate everyone who has taken part in the #walk1000mile challenge because striving towards a common goal, together, is what matters. 💜
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