Activity: WALX HQ Presents... 5pm Strengthen & Tone with Karen

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Pace: Moderate

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Total Body WALX - Virtual

Price: £5.00

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Main Instructor:

Karen Lem (WALX HQ)

Hosted By:

Karen Lem (WALX HQ)

Walk Description:


The "WALX HQ Presents ..." sessions are delivered online from WALX & Nordic Walking UK head office, helping you stay active and mobile from home. All sessions are FREE for those on a monthly payment package with their local instructor.

Join Karen in this lively strength and stability session. You will use your body weight for most exercises although some will incorporate light hand weights (or plastic milk cartons filled with water).

Alternatives will always be offered which makes this the perfect session for you. This workout will train your whole body and you only need 30 minutes!

Location Notes:

Virtual location for zoom sessions.