Activity: Carol's Saturday 6 - 10 Mile Sociable Workout Walk

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Pace: Moderate

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 NORDIC Adventure Walks

Price: £10.00

  • Distance: 6 Miles
  • Date: Sat 20th April
  • Time: 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
  • Location Name: Droitwich - Droitwich Marina
  • Address: B4090, Droitwich WR9 7DU, UK
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Hosted By:

Carol Goode

Walk Description:

This will be a warm up and walk to Grimley Hill of about 1.5 miles where we will do a series of hill intervals working at a our own appropriate intensity but it will be challenging.

The beauty of the hill is that we can all work in the same general area at our own pace but push ourselves appropriately.

If you want a social walk then this one is not for you but if you want to work hard with minimal chat then you  will enjoy the challenge.

Some people will choose to walk up the hill several times and some will skip or run.  It is up to you but the nature of the hill will means that you will be working at 70-85% of your MHR throughout the hill section.

After the hill session we will warm down by walking back to the Queen's Head for coffee and a natter.

As you can choose to work as hard as you want to the session is suitable for all who are wanting to work really hard to their own fitness level and Carol will encourage you.

We will have fun too with a series of games on the hill to keep things fresh and entertaining.

Please do not book if you just want a social walk.


Clients are free to cancel using the booking system up to 24 hours before a walk commences (with the exception of special events and day trips where you must contact Ian Northcott or the Walk leader prior to cancelling - See below).

Cancelling within 24 hours must be done after communicating with the walk leader and a refund will be discretionary.

Any refund given will be at the discretion of Mercian Nordic Walking Limited and will be dependent on the clients cancelling to make contact with either Ian Northcott or the walk leader taking the walk before cancelling.

If you decide to cancel on the morning of a walk you MUST contact the instructor/walk leader and NOT self refund or book off the walk.

Mercian Nordic Walking has a late cancellation policy where full price will be paid for any walk or activity cancelled within 12 hours of the start of the walk unless contact has been made as described above.

Walks cancelled within 2 hours of the start of the walk will not be refunded.


When there is a special event listed out of the area or due to special arrangements being made there is no facility to book yourself off the walk and you must contact the walk leader or instructor where a decision will be made as to whether to refund or not. YOU MUST NOT BOOK OFF THESE WALKS YOURSELF.

Contact details of every instructor are clearly listed in the description of the activity.



In case of problems contact your walk leader:

Ian 07939 175505

Carol - 07545 779474

Carolyn - 07773 352434


Wellbeing Walk - A gentle safe way to walk yourself fitter! These walks include exercises that help with flexibility, balance and strength whilst using poles to improve general fitness and increase joint mobility. Suitable for those who want to build up to the longer or more vigorous walks or may have concerns about their health.

Workout Walk - For those who have completed the Learn to Nordic walk course - these action packed one hour walks are designed to help you to improve your fitness levels and gain FAST results.

Workout Walk with MSE (Muscle strength & Endurance) - For those who have completed the Learn to Nordic walk course - these action packed one hour walks are designed to help you to improve your fitness levels and gain FAST results. Your qualified instructor will also add motivating drills and MSE exercises into a fast paced fun walk.

Adventure Walk - Simply enjoy sociable Nordic walking in stunning locations with a mixed ability group. Lead by accredited instructors or leaders, these walks make the most of our beautiful country and are a relaxing way to enjoy being active outdoors.

The Gears

Gear 1 - Nice pace that you can do for extended periods.

Gear 2 - Faster pace gained through technique.  Expect Gear 2 at times throughout the walk.

Gear 2/3 - Faster again using technique and with less recovery.

I also list the length of the walk so you can make a judgement as to whether the walk is for you.

Feel free to contact me if you are unsure about anything.

Location Notes:

Parking charge of £1. No toilets.