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Total Body WALX

Price: £7.99

  • Distance: 3 Miles
  • Date: Sat 22nd June
  • Time: 7:30 AM - 8:30 AM
  • Location Name: Esher Common, Horseshoe Clump car park, Portsmouth Road, Esher, Surrey KT10 9JP, UK
  • Address: Portsmouth Rd, Esher KT10, UK
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Main Instructor:

Paula Elliott

Walk Description:

These fun WALX make every step count. Total Body walking™ is a unique mix of drills with strength and balance exercises


Come along and explore the common with our fully trained and knowledgeable guide


Total Body walking™ is for those who have completed the Power of poles or the WALX Factor course and prefer to use poles or for those who haven` t and  prefer to walk without poles so friends and family are all welcome


Our unique WALX sessions need to be experienced


Total Body WALX sessions provide the opportunity to feel for yourself just how powerful walking based exercise can be when it is at the right level for you. You will be introduced to other ways to improve balance and flexibility and to boost strength, help with weight loss and make walking WORK for you


Many members prefer to walk with poles as they find it is more effective than walking without. When poles are used, you are able to engage the upper body, core muscles, improve posture and burn more calories


Come along and give WALX a go. Your qualified instructor will guide you through how to get the MOST out of every step which is great for beginners and experienced WALXers alike


Learn how to WALK WELL by harnessing the power of good posture, core muscles and the perfect stride. Experience how PACE and HILLS can be empowering and how working on balance, flexibility and strength can make walking twice as effective, whatever you are aiming to achieve


In short, come along and get a feel for how WALX can work your whole body, with or without poles, and help you with life in general


Please bring along a small rucksack with your drink and any medication you may need

We meet at the far end of the Horseshoe Clump car park

There are no parking fees or facilities

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Location Notes Esher Common is a Nature Reserve and is part of South West Surrey`s 890 acre Site of Special Scientific Interest

There are a number of beautiful ponds and lakes on the Common, the largest of which is Black Pond which once supplied water for Claremont Gardens, now part of the National Trust

Location Notes:

Meet in the FREE car park (Horseshoe Clump) opposite the Blackhills entrance